30 July 2007

Writers Wanted

Ahbeng have always wanted to be a great writer, thats his life long ambition. One day he saw in newspaper ....

Young, ambition writer who is in his youth, professed his desire become a great writer.
Call 173173 for appointment "

Without delay Ahbeng called and fixed an interview the next day ....

The next day after arrived at the job agency for around 15 minutes, he was called into the interview .... in the room there is 1 Fler waiting for him.

Fler : Good morning Mr Ahbeng ... take a seat
Ahbeng : Tenkiu sir.
Fler : Tell me Ahbeng ... what makes you wanna be a writer?
Ahbeng : I want to write stuff that the whole world will read, stuff that people will react to on a truly emotional level, stuff that will make them scream, cry, howl in pain and anger!
Fler : WOW! I cant belif it! You are exactly the type of writer we are looking for!!!
Ahbeng : Serious??!!!
Fler : Yea! You are hired!!
Ahbeng : WOW!!!
Fler : Please repot to work tomlo ok?
Ahbeng : Eh .. wait ...
Fler : What?
Ahbeng : I will be working for which company and for what post first?
Fler : OH! ... soli .. i got too excited and i forgot all about it ... well you will be working for Microsoft corporation and the post will be your dream job!! You can write stuffs that ppl will react on and they will scream and howls and cry and bang their head when they read your writings!!!
Ahbeng : And that will be?
Fler : Microsoft Error Message Writer of coz!!!
Ahbeng :


  1. lmfao! XD farnee lor! and i was thinking they're agency for writing porn or something haha... paiseh

  2. itu macam also can kah????

  3. ini hebat WHAHHAHAhahahah!
    yes it really makes ppl scream and cry !!!!

  4. Ha!Ha! Got this job or not? I don't mind having this job!Have a nice day!

  5. the common scenario of how big corporation con small citizen like lim peh everyday!

  6. The bluescreen of death.

  7. hahahahah

    i dun scream and howl in pain..i just feel like taking out a hammer and bash up the pc!

  8. like this also can ar? still got vacancy?

  9. Anonymous9:49 pm

    i oso can write wan... but little bit expensive la.... plus cold beer daily...


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