1 August 2007

The RM25k Promises

Ahkau wanna die ledi so he call 3 of his best fren (Ahbeng, Ahock, AhTi) to come. He then gibe them 1 envelope each, inside each envelope there is RM25k cash.

Ahkau : You 3 is my best fren ... so plomise me that you would put this envelope into my coffin when i die so i can die rich.

All 3 of them agreed to do as Ahkau asked.

Ahkau finally kiokED and 3 of them as plomised come n put the envelope beside him and get the whole thing done with.

3 months later, 3 of them met up at mamak and Ahock finally confessed ...

Ahock : actually i very guilty ledi for the past 3 months ....
AhTi : Why?
Ahock : Becoz I actually only put RM15k in the envelope .... Another 10k I burnt ledi ...
AhTi : Actually .... i also got something to confess also ....
Ahbeng : Wat izzit?
AhTi : I only put RM8k in the envelope ... another 17k I use go karaoke hire piao mei ledi ....
Ahbeng : MCH lu all!!! You all really useless wan!!! lidat also u wanna bruff!!!
AhTi : Ahbeng you mean you dint take any money from the envelope?
Ahbeng : I not as bad as u all ok? Yes ah ... i took the cash ah! But i put a RM25k personal check into the envelope! Unlike u both ... i tarak take 1 cent of Ahkau money also!


  1. eh how come your entry says 12.51am but now it's only 12.14am wor... am i reading the future?

  2. wah very bad la like that ..... 'mou hou pou'

  3. it's only 11.26pm! I'm reading further into the future than you, Stewie!

    then again, i'm in india.

  4. I am your good friend wingz, when you KO I put blank cheque into ur coffin!!

  5. I thought he put RM25k hell note.

  6. Lol... like this also can ar? *fainted*

  7. morale of the story habiskan all the money before you KO... ;D

  8. I wikll be the money changer for him la, make sure he got enuf 25Billions foreign notes... i mean hell's notes!!

    wei...go put linpeh punya lafflin ad at your blog. sure kaya wan

  9. lol XD these people really "good" friends lor! the third one give empty cheque also... hey i also your good friend ok?? tell me when u wanna die rich :P *wink wink*

  10. how i hope i got a fren just like ahkau. muaaaaaaahahahahahaha!!!

  11. GOLDEN!!! Good one wingz...keep it coming.


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