24 August 2007

Letter From Ahmah

One day Ahbeng arrived home to find his wife Ahlian very tulan, Ahbeng also ask her la ....

Ahbeng : Ahlian what happened? what did i done wrong ar?
Ahlian : Loukung you mother scold me!!!
Ahbeng : Mother? mother is in Japan holiday-ing wor! she called?
Ahlian : NO! she wrote you a letter!
Ahbeng : How is that related ar?
Ahlian : This morning hor ... got one letter for you, then i open it and read la
Ahbeng : Then?
Ahlian : It was a letter from your mother ....
Ahbeng : So?
Ahlian : Nah! You see what she wrote at the end of this letter la!
Ahbeng : Lemme see ...

At the end of the letter there is this little note and it says ....

P.S. : Dear Ahlian, can you please dont be so kepoh and pass this letter to my son?


  1. Wakakakaka! The mother knows Ah Lian too well la.

  2. hahaha....... ahlian kena liau and like kenny said, her MIL knows her too well liau

  3. well, you can't lie to your mom-in-law

  4. mother knows the best!

  5. Your AhBeng & AhLian jokes are brilliant.

  6. Your AhBeng & AhLian jokes are brilliant


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