16 August 2007

Africa Truly Africa

Things that you dont get to see any other place other than Africa :

African Walkman :WArning : user might prolly get neck injuries if used for a long period of time, please make sure you got a strong neck before you purchase this gadget. (12V recycled car battery included)

African warmwater : DIY style easy and simple .... safety not guaranteed tho, chances of getting eletricuted are prolly 99.9%

African Home Breed Japanese Car : Toyota Cowrolla!!! Top speed 5kmh

African MPV : Multi purpose vehicle, small cc, save petrol, can accomodate up to 12 person (4 on bike and 8 more on the trailer behind it)

African Ambulance : For non emergency case only! If you got emergency, better start running on your own ASAP ... you will prolly get out of the hospital by the time this ambulance arrive. lol!


  1. Hahahaha, this is the best post I've seen! Very interesting hahahahahaha. Thanks wingz, you made my day.

  2. wah where you get those pictures la... damn hilarious!

  3. omg lah! that's seriously their ambulance? how.. kinky O_O

  4. Anonymous11:49 am

    they are genius !!!

  5. cowrolla...only u can think of these kinda things wan


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