5 August 2007

Digi Yellow Man - YCF Strikes Back

You blogged about the Digi Yellow Man (YCF) and they strikes back with an image of your blog in their latest video!

The below screenshot is taken from the latest video about The 5 Minutes of Life of Digi Yellow Coverage Flers posted up in You Tube.

And this is the actual screenshot taken from this particular post from this blog.

Surely there really sint anything grand also because this blog only got half a second slot, if you wasnt paying any attention you might not know it appeared also! lol ....

Abig thanks to Cincau and Cely for the tips.

Heres the 5 minutes of the latest YCF video, enjoy!

If you cant see the embedded video then click HERE to goto the video directly.


  1. muahahaha ... my blog got 3 seconds ! :p

  2. This is celcom territory...ooopsss

  3. i'm a digi user!!! but sometimes the yellow man jz disappear in some areas, lolz


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