20 August 2007

When you wanna remove that tattoo ....

Been really busy trying to save my own life lately. Thanks to those who offered me help,advices, time and a lot more. My apology for not being able to update as often as I wanted to but nevertheless I will keep this blog going one way or the other.

I remembered I blogged about tattoo sometime back and today i found a video about tattoo removal!! of coz its not really a tattoo removal video la! Its a parody aimed especially at young girls who tattooED their lower back.

Even tho its a joke but it does have some serious insight on how tattoo would looks like 30-40 years down the line ... Serious! Go ahead enjoy the video!

Now ... I think its quite true ... I mean what aging can do to a tattoo la! lol!


  1. when u grow old, u're gona get ugly anyway..so what's wrong with tattoo? lmao

  2. lol... tattoos just get fuglier when you grow old... and that animated part of growing old is darn hilarious XD thats why i don't like the idea of getting a tattoo, i'm really worried what will i look like with that tattoo 30 years later lol.

    newayz, great to hear that you're recovering already. :) get well soon quick k?

  3. I got a tattoo on my right arm. I duno what it will look like when i grow older. But one thing for sure, I will make myself fit in term of physically all the time so that it wouldn't look so fugly when im old.

  4. I think a tattoo is cool when it is done nicely. It should have a meaning and not just some bf or gf's name.

    Make it easier to identify your body too when you die in some bushes.

  5. But anyway, I don't have a tattoo so I don't know what it feels like.

    Maybe I'll get one when I'm old instead to avoid the 'problem' from occurring. Is 60 old enough?


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