17 August 2007

New Speed Trap at Elite Highway?

I got this from a forwarded email to me by my buddy Kenny Ng.

I dont know how true is this or is it just a rumor but for the information of all those who will be travelling on Elite highway I post this up.

Latest Speed trap at ELITE Hi-way installed on 17 /07/07.

Pix taken on 25/7 Driving from KLIA to Bt 3/KL/Ipoh just after Subang Jaya Exit.

SURE kena... coming down slope, kap chai also more than that 90KM ...eh

Digital Camera Speed trap unlimited shot until HD full 300GB...ha!

Effective range 300m or less...

USJ - Subang interchange Elite Overhead Restaurant

Is this how static speed camera looks like?

I dont use this highway very often and even tho its true my car couldnt probably do 90kmh even on a downhill slope ... so i think i am pretty safe even if i am travelling on this highway.

Anyone could verify this piece of information?

This has been another community message from Rojaks Daily.


  1. I worried now la... that day I speed over that highway la...

  2. serious shit!!!MATA really know how to yam us man!!!downhill summore!!

  3. Tiu lo.... me sure kena potong marks liao....

  4. nolah, thats not how speed camera looks like here. those look like just security camera, speed cameras always have a flash to go with it too which is missing there & thats not how u would mount a speed camera also coz then the reading will not be accurate

  5. Anonymous1:51 am

    i guess thats is d camera used for traffic report..:P

  6. Anonymous1:56 pm

    Its verified. KM 8.5 on Elite Highway (Northbound towards Ipoh), 100% captured if speeding.


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