23 August 2007

Lau Bei Huet Thursday

Been busy lately trying my very best to fix my messed up life and get it back to its ori track, sorry for the lack of updating and be assure i will not abandon my dream to make ppl smile no matter how difficult my life is.

There is a new trend in taking wedding piktures .... whats the new trend? well ... see for urself la!

ok la jokes aside, Lau bei huet memang got la .... but lemme ask you a question .... if you are getting married will be allow your wife-to-be to take this kinda wedding pic? Better still ... will you wanna take this kinda wedding pic yourself?

Its always better looking at other ppl doing it rite?

Thanks to my buddy Kenny Ng for these pics


  1. ooo......... kenny is ur supplier lar for this type of pictures.

  2. if my lady had the best looking body ever, i will wish to immortalized it in the form of a picture...

  3. u know...i did snap a picture like dat during my wedding ...not as lau bei huet as this....but similar.

  4. wahhhh really sexy

  5. Wonderful bride.
    Wah, sasha...why don't you post it on your blog.


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