3 August 2007

Scrambled eggs or half boiled eggs?

Ahbeng and Ahlian just got married. So, the first morning back from their honeymoon, Ahbeng made Ahlian blekfas in bed. Ahlian took one look at the blekfas and said ....

Ahlian : Half boiled?? I wanted scrambled eggs!

Dun wanna gibe up, next morning Ahbeng made Ahlian a scrambled egg. Ahlian took one look at it and said :

Ahlian : You know how to cook one anot? Everyday also scrambled eggs you no sien one meh?! today i want half boiled eggs la!!!

Determined to please Ahlian, the next morning Ahbeng made 2 types of eggs for her. One is half boiled one and one is scrambled one with this Ahbeng thot Ahlian got no more excuse to fark him ledi ..... so Ahbeng also send the eggs to Ahlian whois still on the bed waiting for her blekfas la

Ahbeng : Here my lafu ... today I made you the kinda blekfas you wanted! I made both types of eggs so I can never go wrong ledi.

Ahlian took one look at the plate and said ...

Ahlian : Niahma! You scrambled the wrong eggs la!!!


  1. What Ahlian really wanted was Ahbeng’s eggs...

  2. no more eggs for ahlian...

  3. dont reallyget it...
    so all the while they were talking abt ahbeng's eggs? or chiken eggs?

  4. she got so confuse because she had eggs in the morning and nite too......

  5. We is cannot please wommens!


    Because we men don't get it.


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