24 July 2007

Good News and Bad News

Halfway walking Ahbeng the old fart pengsanED on the walkway and some nice samaritan kasi call ambulance send him to the hospital.

At the hospital the lokter check Ahbeng kaw kaw wan then when he wokeup the Lokter told him ...

Lokter : Ahbeng, I got good news and bad news ... mana lu want hear first?
Ahbeng : Lokter tell me bad news first pulez
Lokter : Ahbeng u got cancer ... i count count u max max got 3 months left oni ...
Ahbeng : Mahfulat!!! I m gonna die in 3 months time??!!!!
Lokter : Abuden?
Ahbeng : If i only got 3 months to live .... then what can be the good news?
Lokter : The good news is .... lu also got Alzheimer .... in about a week you will forget that you got cancer.
Ahbeng :


  1. Since ah beng got alzheimer, he can forget about paying the hospital bills also hor.

  2. I think Alzheimer is what we lack nowadays...

  3. hahahah this is amazing story...ppl actually helped send ahbeng to hospital!

  4. wah kesian double tragedy ...

  5. If I'm Ah Beng I sure jump down from the building die faster... LOL

  6. Like that the doctor better not talk to much. Talk like no talk

  7. The doc is very compassionate by giving ah beng a good medicine to 'cure' his cancer. hahaha

  8. -___- Alzheimer I ALSO WANT
    i screwed up my exam..i wish to forget and ppl wont blame me but teach me mahjong..nice hor?


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