11 July 2007

At Least 80

One day got one aunty speeding at 70km/h at a 50km/h skool zone, what this aunty derno is there is a police waiting for her at the other end of the road.

Eventually she was stopped by the policeman handling the speed trap ....

Policeman : Aunty ... when i saw u kambing around the korner ... i told myself ... "cincai cincai also got seventy ledi la!"
Aunty : Niahma!!! where got so old la!!! I baru celebrate my 55 yrs old birthday oni la! Its this blouse i tell u!!! this blouse made me looks old!
Policeman : =.=""


  1. HAHAHAHHA!! The police kena headshot!!

  2. wakakakakaaka. sound like what my mother would say wieh!!!

  3. Brader!! want to come over here to take a break ah?? I will be honoured to drive you around leh!!

  4. ?????????

    read again...



  5. i tot polis say cincai cincai oso can liok 70bucks from auntie!

  6. Hi, everyone have there own problems, same as me and you. Just to tell you that by reading your blog entry, make my day better :). Hope you days will turn better when you read this comment too :)

  7. Feel so sorry for you. You busy thinking what to write to make us happy but in return I could not write something to cheer u up pulak. Guilty pulak. Never mind, I promise next time I go KL hor, I visit you and talk to you long long, ok?

  8. Cheer up as you hope we cheer oursleves everyday after reading the rojaks!

  9. Lol, mocking the mentality of aunties eh? =P

    P.S Hey, sounds like you in some kinda trouble? Well, hang in there and stay vigilant.


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