4 July 2007

If only there is ...

24 hours ... Thats all I got.

If i have 48 hours in a day then things would be different,
i would be a better person,
a better father,
a better husband,
a better son,
a better brother,
a better boss,
& a better blogger.

If only there is 48 hours in a day for me ... Then my life wont sucks so much...


  1. If I have 48 hours a day, I wonder how much my OT pay will be.. hehehe

  2. I also need 48 hours a day and also no need to sleep.

  3. wah wingz... this is very unlike you... not your kinda post...

  4. When we have that "extra hours", things may still be the same. If the world had more than 24 hours in a day, we'll be doing the "same things", just longer. Instead of 9 hours of work, we may be working for 15 hours. Instead of 5 hours of sleep, we may be sleeping for 8 hours. etc.

  5. Oi! Why so gray today?!n

  6. bullshit, if there is 48hrs a day... Then you will work for 48 hors to earn more n more money... hahahaha...

  7. so emo today? something heppen kah ah wingz?

  8. wah.. apasal uncle wingz?

  9. so we only have 24 hours...make the best out of it!!

  10. When you get 48hours a day, you will lament and wish you had 24hours instead. Why?

    Wife will nag longer.
    Son will whine more.
    Parents will grow old faster.
    Your blog fansi will demand more.


  11. sr125 : err .. i mean oni me got 48 hrs! u all oni 24! lol

    kenny : if no sleep then i prefer to go back to 24 hrs la!

    zewt : well, everyone also got ups n downs ... mine is at the bloody bottom right now.

    10/3 : oi wrong conceptt!!! oni me got 48 hrs!!!

    civilian unit : If no gray then we also derno that there are better colors than grey rite?

    gasoon : if i have 48 hours a day then i will make less money and spend more time sleeping! lol

    poonky : man hor if emo .. only got 2 things oni jek ... money or woman ... lol

    DLG : Uncle sad! uncle nid hug hug!!

    huei : yesss i wanna sleep forever!

    pinky : kakakaka u dem familiar with all the problems hor? sure got experience one la!

  12. U are not robot , wingz...
    Even our pc need to rest..

    Take some rest , wingz..^^

  13. hope you pick up soon!

  14. I also wish I have more than 24 hrs a days - 48 would be a good idea. Time don't seem to be enough for me. I know busy is good but too busy until no time to do our favourtie thing is no fun liau mah, rite?


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