24 July 2007

Secret to a Long Lasting Marriage

Ahbeng and Ahlian were both in their 80s and this year they are celebrating their 60s wedding anniversary this week. Coincidently the national TV new channel were interviewing Ahbeng and Ahlian on whats their secret to a long lasting marriage ....

Leporter : Ahbeng ah .. I wan ask u har ... wats your secret to this long lasting marriage with Ahlian ar?
Ahbeng : ahh ... we take time to go eat in a restoran twice a week, then after we eat we enjoy a slow walk home
Leporter : Wuahhh!!! so nice leh!
Ahbeng : Yar ... I myself go every Tuesday and Thursday and Ahlian go by herself every Wednesday and Friday ... thats how our marriage can last so long lor!


  1. i really lespect how cum u can always generate ah beng jokes on a daily basis... relli wan... not being sarcastic... really lespect.

  2. Somehow I agree with this..A short distance/period separation can improve the love.

  3. har........... itu maceam also boleh kah? *scratch head*

  4. can last long meh??? go so frequent..no money to last edi la! kakka

  5. evelibadi lafu lojaks ma


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