12 February 2009

Wingz Can Cook - Aglio Oglio Simple Valentine Italian Meal

ok Its Valentine and you need to impless some chicks (not to mention you dem cheapskate to bwing her to hotel or expensip restaurant also lol!) so what would be better than to inbite her to your house for candlenite dinner rite?

After a few glass of red wine maybe she will thinking you look more hensem than yesday and you might get lucky too!

But before that you gotta actually have something edible on the table 1st rite? Candle wise ... if you dont habe the lomantik expensip candle (or if you are too cheapskate to buy them) just goto your mum house n get some praying candles with bamboo stick la! LOL!

Ok la ok la i m pulling you leg ok? Chicks digs guys who can cook .... I no bruff you wan! thats why if you showed her you can cook .. you will stand a better chance to be lucky on Valentine nite!

How to cook? What to cook? dunch werry! I m gonna show u exactly that!

This Italiano meal is so simple to make even an idiot can make it ok? If you failed to do this then you might as well date your right hand on V-day la!

ok lets get down to business, This simple yet delicious Italiano meal is call Aglio Oglio spaghetti. Aglio Olgio simply means garlic and olive oil in italiano and thats just the main ingredient.

These are the stuffs that you will need :

Oregano powder

Black pepper

Mixture of dried parsley flakes and oregano powder

fresh coriander

Cherry Tomato

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  1. Garlic loads of it! (2,3,4,5 or 10 cloves also can! )
  2. Oregano powder (optional)
  3. Dry Parsley flakes and fresh coriander finely chopped
  4. Blackpepper taste
  5. Olive Oil Extra Virgin
  6. Spaghetti (1 pack)
  7. Cherry Tomato (sliced into halves)
  8. Carrot - 1 stick
  9. Celery 100-200gm (optional)
  10. Chili to taste (optional)
  11. Salt to taste

Preparation :

1. Chop Garlic with cleaver, but if you not good with knifes then to avoid you from losing a finger on V-day you better use blender ok? if dont have blender and cleaver then go bollow from your mum la!

2. Heat your pan and put in a good amount of Olive oil inside (prolly 5-8 tablespoon) and put in your finely shopped garlic continue to cook in medium/small heat till garlic is golden brown. dun use high heat or you will ended up getting Negro Oglia instead of Aglio Oglio LOL! Finally add in the mixture of dry parsley flakes n oregano powder n salt to taste n give it a few gentle stir before you turn off the heat.

When this is done, pour the garlic oil into a bowl and let it cool down.

3. You then proceed to saute(satay) the vegs (tomatoes, carrots, celery or any other vege that you prefer/like) listed in the ingreadient section above. this is to give abit of charboil aroma to the vege and also gives a nice blackish appearance to the vege also. Saute is the act of light frying in very little oil ... just half a teaspoon of oil would be sufficient but make sure your pan is a non stick frying pan ok? You dont wanna use a regular wok to saute or you might as well start dating your left hand again LOL!

After u r done satay-ing all your veges (tomatoes, carrots, celery or any other vege that you prefer/like) you can leave them all in a bowl and proceed tot he next step.

4. Boil your spaghetti, First make sure your water is boiling hot then you add in a tad bit of salt and olive oil just to give them abit of flavor, and throw in (literally) the spaghetti. wait for it to cook. Depends on what kinda spaghetti you purchased, some requires to be cooked for 2 minutes and some need to be cook for at least 6-8 minutes. So read the label and instructions carefully before you start boiling them ok?

when the spaghetti is cooked then take them out of the pot and into a big bowl for cooling process.

5. Cool down your cooked spaghetti with running water from the tap. Other than cooling down the temperature of the spaghetti this process also will improve the texture of the spaghetti and make it alil bit crunchier. Run water thru the spaghetti for about 10-20 secs.

6. Drain the excess tap water from the spaghetti and now you can mix it/ toss it with the garlic oil (if you dem blur .. its the oil you prepared in step 2 above la!) and mix mix mix toss toss toss till its all mixed up lol ... damn even i m abit mixed up now after all the mix lol!

The purpose of this is mixing/tossingto make sure all the spaghetti were covered with the flavored garlic oil you prepared in step no.2.

7. Finish off by moving a small portion of the well mixed spaghetti onto a plate/dish and then garnish with sauteed vege and top with finely chopped fresh coriander.

Aglio Oglio italiano spaghetti

Yes its meatless! healthy mah! you could add few stripes of bacons or smoked ham bits if you want la ... the preference is all yours to decide.

There you have it! a simple 7 steps Cheap Healthy Meatless Delicious Lohmantik Italianno Valentino meal for 2! Lay not gerenti tho! Happy trying and good luck!


  1. that is damn a lot of pasta dude!

  2. y u so san pei jek? dun gif excuses ok! i know there is something u dun wana show on the other side of the plate wan!! dun lie!!!!

  3. Anonymous9:55 pm

    Is a chinese corriander (yin sai) or chinese celery (sai kan) you're using le?

  4. KY : yea I got a big family to feed lol ... 2 bowls each ... can u imagine?

    Huei : what bowl? what plate? i dunno what u toking about! i can proof i m not there wan!!!! arghhh!!!

    andrew : its really up to you own prefs actually ... if you like yin sai then you use yin sai if not u use sai kan lor. Garnishing purpose only n add abit of aroma jek no biggie one.

  5. wasai...so chim...i can't even mix up this kinda concoction for my spaghetti... but its looks really yummy.. my bf always cook those chinesey dishes, seldom italian or western..maybe i should get him to try this


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