17 February 2009

How to tell from Farts

Got 3 Ahbengs waiting for Bus at pudu raya for bus to balik kampung during the recent CNY. While waiting one of the Ahbeng suddenly farted

Ahbeng no.1 : FffOSSHHHH~~

On hearing/smelling this the second Ahbeng felt like hes being challengged and also release his secret weapon which happen to be louder and longer ....

Ahbeng no.2 : wwWWOOOSSssHHhhhh~~~

3rd Ahbeng knows his manhood being put to the test .... so he gathered all his "gas" and let out the most intense high pitch fart of his life ...


Ahbeng no.1 and Ahbeng no.2 then turn to look at Ahbeng no.3 and say this to him

"You straight one ar?"

LOL! if u dun gedit then leave a msg in the komen la ok? i expren to you later ok?


  1. Anonymous11:16 pm

    I guess he is straight bcos the lubang petpet is small thats why high pitch sound?

  2. Shouldnt Gay have more "smooth" farts than straight guys? Cause the airflow more "smooth" after being "cleaned" ma.

  3. wingz you forgot to mention 1 more fart.......

    that is with the sliencer wan.....

  4. Farting too hard until shit also come out ?

  5. the 3rd 1...his asshole more tight!tat's y the sound more 'sharp'...correct bo seefu!?hahah..wild guess!

  6. LOL. This is a good one!

  7. *garu kepala*. Now what the f**t pulak?

  8. Anonymous9:37 am

    hahaha! i get it! LOL!

  9. Anonymous1:04 pm

    erm... i dun get it ler.. can explain or not ar ?? haha

  10. agreed with bananaboi!

  11. Anonymous5:34 pm

    Smooth will produce bass sound LOL, only small hole produces high pitch sound ma, correct?

  12. flyfly : if u know how to whistle kan ... u kena make ur mouth smaller in order to produce high pitch sound one lerrr u un anot?

    angel : oi guys where got petpet wan!?

    Bananaboy : smooth fart is like how one? apply oil to smoothen it ar? lol

    pisang : wuah that one i derno

    jeffrey : shit come out where got mean straight? shit kam out means cirit birit la! lol

    Yikyang : wuahhhh smart wor!

    jason : bro tenkiu lu!

    Mun : u sure u understand anot wan?

    erina : eh u kahwined liow no understand nvm one lol

    buttercup : kakakaka so u kentut sound like number what mia Ahbeng?

    amanda : u go ask yikyang la! hes the expert!

    Belle : u dun fake fake la!

    bypasser : kakakaka korek!!!

  13. Niaseng - kahwin liau also must know. Man can change mah. Mana tau sudah start tukar taste leh. kekeke..............

  14. tenkiu seeeefu!hhahaha!i told u just guesss!im not expert!!grrr!

  15. Anonymous2:33 pm

    More ahbeng jokes please.. lol

  16. Anonymous4:59 pm

    sure la no.3 one! LOL!

  17. pls explain :)


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