16 January 2009


Yesday my boss tim 9 me go out send mandarin oren to clients (mch that fler tarak gimme petrol allowance wan sommo ask me send for free!) buden economy like kanasai lidat so want anot i die die also must do la ... if not sure kena blacklist wan! Blacklist ledi then later got retrenchment ... i will be the 1st to go ... and no one will wanna employ me anymore!!! ARGHHHH!!! *take anti-depressant*

ok ok calm down calm down ....

Acherly lidis one la ... yesday i go send mandarin oren on behakf of the kompeni i worked for ... i round round whole KL lo .... then i notice one thing u know .. dem 9 strange wan. At first i was in Maluri cheras ... thats when i 1st saw a car with the same number plate as mine! ok nvm la ... coincident mah rite?

Then i send mandarin oren to kampung pandan la ... come out the junction oni saw another car same number plate also! phuahhh .. ok ok nvm nvm coincident again!

Then goto bukit jalil near IMU there send mandarin oren ... saw one parked car same number plate also!!! I tell myself ... 3rd one ledi wei!!! really so ngam meh?!!! okok relax ... maybe i m dillusional bcoz long long no eat anti depressant liow guah ..... ok ok pretend nothing happened ...

My last delivery is in Tmn Midah Cheras ... then on my way back to opis in Kajang ... on grand saga highway ... saw this same car ... same kaler ... same number plate ORSO!!!

WTF wei!!! this is a sign la damnit!!! ITS A SIGN FROM SOMEONE UP THERE!! kanneh!!! lidat u also dun understand meh?! If u still dun gedit later will kena strike by lightining wan! .... thats what i told myself ...

So on the way back to the opis ... i stopped by TOTO ... get down .. walk straight to the counter and bought my own number plate! bcoz i dem no luck in 4D one ... this time i decided to pau the number!!! lucky got double number so just RM12 to pau oni ...

Acherly .. it has been almost a year since i last buy 4D but this time ... i know i got someone looking after me liow ....

I told Soon (my kolik) the whole freaky incident after i got back to the opis ... then at about 8pm i got a call from him ..

Soon : oi! u got buy evening newspaper one anot?
Me : the oni evening newspaper i know is in chinese la! i cant farking read chinese remembered?
Soon : u can read numbers rite?
Me : so?
Soon : niahma la lu! your number plate come out in TOTO la!
Me : mahai ... just bcoz i told u the story doesnt mean u can play 9 me lidis one ok? tomolo u careful of your kopi ok? i plomise u i will poison 9 u!
Soon : Oi we brader leh! i no bruff 9 u wan la! U must buy evening paper n see ok!
Me : ok ok if u bruff me then ... u better book your coffin today ok?

I stopped by the roadside to get me a copy of China Press (wtf ... 1st time buying a Chinese niuspepah ok!)

Guest what i found?

Ok la ... i dint get rich la ... its only freaking consolation plize jek!!! MCH!!! i kena RM1 ... pay out RM60! Spent RM12 ... tolak buy niuspepah cost RM1 .... untung RM47 oni!!!

But i love the "FEEL" n its my FIRST time kena 4D can?!!! ppl said ... once kena ledi ... will kena very often wan!!!

I can feel the ONG ledi! .... Kam lar Cow Year! let your Cow Kam!!!

If u r not those type that pays attention to things besides u ... start noticing now! the fler up there start giving signal ledi ok?! if kena ledi remember to blanja me makan SUCKFIN Sup AH!


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  2. Anonymous11:23 am

    The person whom told you "strike once, very easy to strike again" is a liar. CB, I struck 1st prize twice until now never even strike consolation. And it was 10 years ago.

    All the winnings also gave back liao. LOL.

  3. Wah ahbeng, mehnee conglaturations to yew!

  4. cheng sik faan la.. mai meh ah...

  5. Anonymous10:48 am

    i once oso see a car number 3 times and it's at the same place, same time. Bought the number at Kudai and strike RM15,000 muwahahaha..


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