19 January 2009

CNY around the korner oni ... You Ready anot?

Tho time is bad but sikit manyak also kena celebrate lor .... poor ppl like me mai celebrate in smaller scale lor ... richer ppl like u guys can either donate to poor ppl like me or inbite me to go your house n eat! LOL!

So little celebration or big celebration also must celebrate mah! and I made this chinese bee hive over the weekend ... i dont think they can last till CNY la!!

I actually enrolled this pikture into a contest entitled "Preparation for CNY" obviously i dint win la bcoz they actually want CNY piktures rather than preparation for CNY! LOL Toking about contradiction lol! -.-""

Too bad! better luck next time! acherly i rather kena toto again la! that would be TEH BEST!!! Who got lucky no gimme?! kam!


  1. got make for me or not!omaikot!

  2. Anonymous9:59 pm

    apa lu, sudah mau CNY lu mia header masih sing dan jit...still can't get over with the santa girls issit !!?!?!

    ok, I want order 2 tong bee hive cina, and mana my online shop?!

  3. wooooooo... u know how to make beehive!!! geng!!!!


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