22 January 2009

Lou Sang with MAS

My first lousang of the year!!!

Mehnee dip dip tenkiu to MAS for this nice nice high krass lousang dinner ... if not hor i think this year i will be lousang-less edi!

We lousangED at the Mum's place .... i know what you thinking wan ... no! i m not sending regards to your mum ok? the name of the restorant is called "The Mum's Place" no bruff you wan! You see for yourself la!

Neh ... this is the mum's place i m toking about la

I like this fawer pikture .... leng mou?

Airbus A380 caught on camera

We also get a glimpse of what MAS Airbus A380 would looks like .... altho its a model plane but i m sure the real thing would be similar also ... in ratio lar! not in actual size of coz! U think i stupid meh! I hope they inbite me to go into the thier new Airbus n take pikture when they receive their delivery edi ... phuhh that would be freaking awesome innit? *hint hint*

At first they put this on the middle of the table .... i thot

"WUAH! this restorant really good leh! the first dish is an Aeroplen!!! I wonder what they use to make it look so lively wan!"

Niahma! really Ahbeng lar i tell u! Then i found out its not edible wan ok!!! ARGHHH!!! shhh ... lucky other bloggers dint find out about it!!! dun tell tham ah!

Homemade CNY pineapple tarts for bloggers!

I been eyeing at this pineapple tarts long long edi ... i dem sked they will ask us to buy it instead bcoz i dem pokai that time ... pocket got 80 cents oni sial!!! But they so nice to give it to us for free la!

This is Ms. Wai Fong ... she is THE BOSS of the nite (means she pay the bill one la!)

This Lenglui very nice ... blanja us makan sommo tell us tenkiu bcoz we kam to makan lol! I also tenkiu you for blanja me makan leh!

High krass Lousang ... they use salmon one leh! not use ciplak tilapia fish wan ok!

Broggers lousang-ing!

This one is beef ... but dem 9 chun one ok! Taste like Tung Po Yoke!!! Eat edi wanna eat sommo wan!

Assam pish ... Cheng ah!!! make u sweat kaw kaw wan! lol

Chiew Kap Mou Tik Kari Kai

Neber befoh i got taste so super keng chow mia kari kai as this! Delicious till eat ledi can get wet dlims wan!

There is actually more food wan but i too busy eating la! no time to take piktures! lol

Ok enuff about food jor ... i dunwan make u curse at me for making u hungwy .. now about the peeples!!!

This is fehmes brogger Sultan Muzzafar (i hope i get the spelling rite lol!)

Pweety Anna from FH & hansem KY

Mister Hansem From Agency and Lengluis from MAS

Fehmes Ahbeng brogger Kennysia

Superman Jon from Agency and lenglui

Captain hook, Kenny and John from MAS

Simon Seow and Nicole TALL lengluicamwhoring

KY, HB and Darling Suanie!

Beauty queen Cindy, Ringo, redmummy (front) Simon seow & Thomas (back)

Lenglui pro-photographer from MAS

Group Photo!!!

Doorgifts courtesy of MAS

MAS wish u all Gong Xi Fa Cai! but i get the pineapple tarts la .... YUMMY!!!

Got free makan and free gifts n can rub rub shoulder wih fehmes broggers wei!!! mana mau cari?!!!

Tenkiu lu deep deep MAS!!! if got free makan again pulezz inbite me again yah? I lap MAS deep deep!!!


  1. nice to meet you hansem ;-)

  2. Anonymous11:19 am


    funnly lah wingz your entry

    ai lap mas deep deep too :)


    u just ruined my appetite! it's lunch time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous1:22 pm

    can i have the pineapple tart?
    why u din photoshop kennysia's face???

  5. I also want! :(
    Rojak rojak I want angpao! :D


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