9 January 2009

SONY AF 55-200mm f4-5.6 DT Telephoto Zoom Lens for Sony Alpha A200

So far the longest lense I got is 100mm, that one also is a fixed focal lens and kenot zoom zoom wan.

Apparently its not enough for me to use them to take pikture from far far la ... so if you goto Sg Wang and saw Sexy Ahlian in short short skirt .... u kena move close close to her to take her laubeihuet piktures.

Feeling abit inadequate I start hunting for a proper telezoom lens to enable me to take more piktures from a safe distance without needing to kena bashed up by jeles AhBeng's bf lol!

Much choice is pretty obvious ... I definitely needed something better than 100mm .... actually the longer the better ... buden again budget is always a concern ... after much research and asking advices from sifu level photographers I decided to hunt for Sony DT 55-200mm telezoom lens as this D lense is widely recomended by all the sifus.

I made a post in Alphanatics forum saying I would like to buy a used (2nd hand) Sony DT 55-200mm telezoom lens and within hours of my posting alredi got one nice fler PM-ED me offering me a very ... VERY VERY interesting plice!!! Even kam with free 55mm Kenko UV filter sommo!!! After that i received 4 others offers! But since i made a commitment to the 1st fler i turned the others down (politely la of coz!)

Yesday I m the proud owner of yet anoder fantastic value for money SONY lens, ladies n genitalmen ... meet my new Sony DT 55-200mm.

Sony DT 55-200mm

Sony DT 55-200mm

Sony DT 55-200mm plastic lens mount

Sony DT 55-200mm front element

Sony DT 55-200mm fully extended

Sony DT 55-200mm full drawn in with hood in upside down position for easy storage

Sony DT 55-200mm fully extended with hood properly in place.

Just a sample of how powderfool the zoom is .... below is 2 piktures ... one taken with 50mm f1.7 minolta prime lense and another one taken with SONY DT55-200m

Theres a proton saga marked with a box at the end of the above photo. This is taken with a 50mm lens.

This is the proton saga taken at a max zoom of 200mm

See the differences? With this lense now i can save alot of walking!! lol! nah actuall its nice to have a telezoom lense as now you can have a variety of range to play with instead of being stuck with a fixed focal lense all the time.

One of the main reason that makes me want a more longer range telezoom lense is that i m obsessed with the MOON! Yea ... u heard me rite ... the moon facinates me! I derno why .. but i just loves looking at the moon with my telescope, knowing the fact i can capture its image and immortalize it excites me even more! lol

I took my tripod out in the porch and sits there waiting for the clouds to clear for about 20-ish minutes and start snapping happily.

These is the results ... if you click on the image you can actually see some cradles on the moon surface which is located on top of the moon itself.

Due to its limitation, max zoom only 200mm this is the closest i can get to the moon .... I think a 400mm lens would be able to do alot more justice to the surface of the moon provided the lense is sharp enuff.

After a few hours of playing with the lens this is what i think :
  1. Cheap! I mean real value for money and if you are a budget conscious photographer then this is the telezoom lens speciall made for you!
  2. Light weight ... this also can be your carry around lens without having to hurt your back and even tho its not mentioned on the lense but you can even use it for macro shots too!
  3. Sharp image at both min n max focal length and max aperture, nice contrast/colors, average bokeh.
  4. Compact when fully drawn ... easy storage.
  5. Average Auto Focus speed (compares 50mm f1.7 minolta maxxum and SAL1870 kitlens)
  6. Lotsa such lens in the market, 2nd hand lens is widely available.
  7. Did i mention cheap?
Verdict : Great telezoom lens for beginner! Positive reviews from experts, longer range than your SAL1870 kitlens, ALOT better in sense of photo quality than SONY SAL 70-300mm.

If you got RM500-RM600 bucks to burn (depending on the conditions of the lens) ... i say go for it!

Ok thats all! Excuse me ... i need to go hunt for a used 400mm telezoom lens and a new camera bag my current one exploded ledi! Any nice baskets wanna sponsor me?!


  1. Anonymous8:51 pm

    diu! I can see you getting richer and richer liao! Share a bit le. my pocket empty le.. i wanna buy lense too!

  2. Did you try using f11? f5.6 is quite over exposed.


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