6 January 2009

Dem Broke This Kambing CNY? No Problem Leh! I Teech lu how!

Wah lan eh ... so far 90% of the peeple i met last week also tell me this year no bonus for CNY!

What to do la .... economy no good mah! this time its worst ... its global wan ... so mana mau lari?

KNN!! This year mia CNY also will be dem boh mood lidat wan la!

Mandarin Orange stalls and Yoke Koon stalls no more mushrooming at the side of the road yet ... maybe will surface later ... if they surface also wont be as happening as previous year one ler ... this one expected ledi

To those peeple who tarak bonus one (like me) we "see dish eat lice" lor ... got money mai buy lor .. no money mai dun buy lor ... no eat CNY cookies wont die one what?

If you die die also wanna eat then goto your "loaded" fwens mia house n eat 9 his kuih kapit n cookies n yoke koong n drink 9 his beers! kakakaka! So it pays to have "loaded" fwens during festive season la! Faster check your phone boox and start calling those lich baskets and tell them ou wanna go visit them this kambing CNY la!

Now hypermarket got sell one box mandarin oren oni RM8 ... u drink 2 cans of beer balik modal ledi!!! sommo can bring whole family go wan! the oni thing to make sure is ... make sure this fler dun have time to go to our house wan la! if not rugi kasar sial!!! later he also bring his entire kampung come how?

What excuse to use if you dunwan them to come to your house? Say lar u balik kampung or goto mader in law houz or kena tangkap bcoz u join PKR gathering or anything la! just as long as they dun come can liow!

Now ... who say no money kenot celebrate CNY wan ah?

Either that or u goan try your luck lor ... from now till CNY still got 3 weeks .... each week got 3 draw ... got magnum, toto and damacai ... 3weeks x 3 draws x 3 stesens = 27 chances!!!

But my advise is ... stick to Plan A better lar ... its cheaper n low risk! lol

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  1. kambing means coming lo!!ah beng language maaa!!hahaha!!meehhh mehhh!


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