27 January 2009

Chester my Dog a Camwhorer

Ladies n genitalmen ....

This is Chester ... my eldest son. Hes a 7 yrs old Pomeranian+ Shih Tzu breed n blardee notti wan!

The reason i m showing Chester to you is to poof that dog also got camwhorism one .... camwhorism means the habit of camwhoring. What is camwhoring? go google it yourself la!!

I told my broggers fwens about my dog who camwhores but they dunch briff me bcoz they think oni broggers can camwhore wan ... dog kenot camwhore ... u dun briff nvm!!! i show u la!!!

Chester the camwhore dog

This basket once see me hold camera only he will come in front of me n start posing ledi one .... so if u want a supermodel dog kam find me ok! my Eldest Ahbeng son dem hansem wan!

This Ahbeng camwhore dog also love yellow balls one ... so i you are selling yellow balls and no one buys them ... either u give them to me or u hire my son to model for u la!

How he model for you? ok ok i show u! FREE one this time! if u want see more kena pay liow ok?!

Chester jumping for the ball

he must be saying "MCH! you want gimme the ball anot wan now?!"

Its mine ... i m not gonna let u have it ... unless u gimme eat suwet suwet la!

Now u seen the sample piktures edi amajiam? ada satisfy ka? If no satisfy i got anoder camwhore for hire also!

My Little Devil!

What happened when you put 2 camwhores together gether?

U get this .....

Chester : you think i stick my tongue long long lidis hansem anot? Lil Devil : -.-""

Lil Devil : look up at ahpa la! Chester : ok but you plomise will gimme suwet suwet later?

Lil Devil : i think you ears too big la ... u look more hansem with your ears tied to your back lidis Chester : sure anot?! dun bruff me ah!

There .... time is bad so kena cari more part time .... anyone wanna hire camwhores?

p.s. : i think i just made my fwen (who owned a canon dslr) very tulan bcoz that fler buy dskr to take animal pikture wan ... but it turns out my anymal pikture too chun for that fler to overtake! LOL! dun hate me can?


  1. pikture damn chun lar

  2. kakakkakak

    i wan chester can anot?

  3. wah!!!!!
    cun wor.....

    but if you buy a partner for him
    lagi better lor.....

  4. foodcrazee : tenkiuu ... very easy oni! plss button oni lol

    huei : u can keep chester if i can keep u can?!

    pisang : buy partner or hire partner for him?


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