19 March 2008

If you Watch too much Youtube .... you will be lidis!

If you do lidat in Kolumpo ... i think rite after u sked your first victim you alredi can be pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital! LOL!


  1. If someone ever did that to me, i will pull his ear against the air-horn of a truck, pull the horn and not stop until i see blood streaming out of his ear

  2. bruder,,i eat full shake leg..let try it in Kolumpo..I act and you hold cam. I will scream " Diew Lee LoMo "
    By the way..I miss the Saturday yamchap with the kaki..when can we talk cock again???

  3. wah u sure or not? u oso watch quite a lot of youtube right? so u do that oso ka?? btw the ken lee post,,,laugh die me ok,,till i teared!

  4. Reminds me of Just for Laughs. But this one is freakier. =)

  5. wednesday bukan cuci mata day mer...
    i got alot of vids like that...
    u go to www.goyk.com got alot

  6. mahai... ill be the 1st to kill him lor.
    bash his fucking head to the wall then stuck a watermelon in his mouth.. see he dares to do that again!


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