1 April 2008

Its April Fool!!! FOOLer and FOOLee

WARNING : This post might be too deep for some Ahbeng and Ahlian .... if you catch no balls or no unlersten wan geh ... pls dun hurt your brain by thinking too much about it ok? Seriously .. after i done typing this post ledi I also abit korang unlersten it myself also! LOL!

Year in-Year out ... its the same thing ... try to fool peeple on April's fool dei, after so many years got anything new anot?!

So far I got one attempt to fool me, yar one ONLY can?! I know i habe no frend wan! You wanna be my frend anot?!!!

Ok ok .... lets kambek to the story 1st ..... this basket send me one email telling me she wanna get married then together with the email she got attached an inbitation card to her wedding la!

This is the content of the email :

Dearest friends,

It's my immense pleasure to inform you that I will be getting married soon.
Sorry to inform you in short notice after vacation.
I had my engagement yesterday. The wedding is in 1 day time.
I never expected this to happen so soon, it was all in a hurry.
The card and venue details are attached with this mail.
I would like to invite you personally due to the lack of time I was unable to inform earlier.
I really hope you all can make it. Please do forgive the short notice.
Please view my raw invitation card. I will get it print and send it to u guys soon.

And then you open the inbitation la .. this is what you see ...

Now .... thats the traditional/conventional/lame/old way to fool peeple rite? Buden we human always goto impoof wan mah .... now I m gonna teech you all a new method of fooling peeple ok?

1st .... we have the FOOLer (which is the sender of this email la) then we have the FOOLee (which is me la)

Now the highest level in fooling peeple is the ability to take the FOOLer and turn him/her into a FOOLee ... till here u all got unlersten anot?! If not unlersten raise yo hand wokeh?

* Notes
FOOLer = bruff peeple wan la!
FOOLee = Let peeple bruff wan la!

So now you gotta PRETEND that you really kena tipu .. act suprise and fury and tulan and malu at the same time and then you send this sms to him/her ....

If you are lucky then you might get a reply imeetetlee .... but that fler I smsED to is prolly drooling in her sleep ledi (shes a pig ... no bruff you wan!) ... lets hope she dun read my blog 1st tomolo moaning or else she sure pretend she tarak briff me wan! and it will not be fun anymore LOL!

Ok ok ... as I were about to publish this post she replied!!! (sharp at 11:47pm) ... she replied!!! this is what she said ....

Ladies and GeniTALmen .... thats how a you turn a FOOLer into a FOOLee!! or in Malay you say Dari TIPUer bekam TIPUee!!


P.S. : Smm you wont angwy with me wan hor? :P Whos the dumbhead now wei?!!! LOL!!!


  1. i dun und laaaa...

  2. haha....i got it....not yet even april fool's she adi wish u....

    da trick is to c da time of reply...

  3. lol. a good and safe trick!

    i suggest to hit ctr-alt-del TWICE straight.

    then u will be seeing her again after 10 mins (for the comp to start up!)


    happie april fool guys!



    i knew u will get fooled by that post!! wahahaha!!

    btw, y u put me as ahlian in ur phone?? u really need a whack from me!!



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