28 April 2008

How to Fix Your Wet Handphone?

Lets say one day u very sikap (stomachache) and you rush to toilet and take off your pants as fast as you can but while doing so .... you dropped your vehlee expensip handphone into the toilet hole and its all wet!

How now? Jialat ledi! Can save anot still? Nid to buy new phone??

Last time you no read rojaks then you are screwed and kena buy new phone la .. but now u got read rojaks ledi u no sked la! I teech lu how to save your expensip phone ok? Cheap phone no nid save la! Buy new can cheaper! LOL!

To read this article, you kena click on the image above. I lazy wanna retype the whole thing.

I know its strange ... bury your wet phone in the rice and it will be as good as before? I neber wet my phone befoh so i dunno how true izzit .... . But think of it this way ... rice is how much only per kilo? if it really works .... what do you got to lose? rite anot?

If dun work dun kam fark me ok? You prolly nid an excuse to buy a new phone anyway! LOL!


  1. Anonymous3:46 pm

    Wah... this might contribute to world food problem...

  2. Anonymous2:20 am

    zz rice price rise so high liau u still ask ppl to use rice to dry. later rice RM10/kilo how? itu masa i tak makan nasi i makan ROJAK. wuahahaha

    -no offence comment. jst for some laughter :P

  3. Anonymous3:35 am

    aiyoh!..nowadays lice so ekspensive maa......better go buy new fon aaa

  4. It really works... My mom's phone felled into the si hang and even survived a wash..

  5. haha.. i hav heard other stories like using a hairdryer to help to dry the electronics like handphones or camera if u accidentally wet them.

    but this rice technique stil yet to be certified lorh. anyone pls do update update me if it works for u. haha.


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