24 April 2008

Why These Dogs Were at the VET?

There were three dogs at the vet talking to each other ....

Dog 1 : I bite up all my masters shoes, and that's why I m here.

Dog 2: I pee on my masters $1,000 carpet, and thats why i m here.

Dog 3 : My master is a female and she likes to clean house in the nude, so when she bent over to pick up something, I went for the ride of a life time!.

Dog 1 :And that's why you're here?

Dog 3 : No, my master say my nails are too sharp and I m hurting her, so she sent me here to get my nails clipped so next time I wont hurt her.


  1. Anonymous3:24 am

    er..the 1st 2 dogs were to be "put to sleep" ...
    so its not exactly very very funny...


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