14 April 2008

Brain and Eyes Teaser

Wanna know how powderfool is your blen is?

Wanna know if you got powderfool eyes anot?

Nah! here you chance!

Here got one pikture, first you count how mehnee peeple in the pikture .... then the pikture will change switching from one side to another, then you count again ... but this time you realised its either less or more by one person!

How can it be? Dun briff you count and see la!


Strange leh??! Anyone know why anot?


  1. Its because the leg becomes the head, and vice versa..Thats increase the number of head...ahahhaha!

    Bad guess~~

  2. Turn left counted 12, turn right counted 13.

  3. yuppy yup..i second Elaine..

  4. eh how i don't get it. THe GIF image stays the same only

  5. Ok i'll give it a shot. the two guys on the right hand side. Their faces were originally longer. But then both of them had half their heads shorten to form new organisms. Where did the other extra half go to? Indirectly made a new head.

    4 guys at the bottom had their heads moved, but only 3 faces were reconstructed, the untouched face being the guy on the extreme left who didnt had his hair replaced.

    Ah wtf.... I'm gonna die

  6. 12 or 13 ler?deng..


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