30 April 2008

Moral of the Story is .... If You Angmoh Dont Do Acupunture la!

I was telling this Ahlian a joke and she told me its not funny!!! MCH!!! How can be not funny?!! I refused to take not funny as answer!!! So i goan dig this video out! This story same like the one i told Ahlian ... you tell me funny anot?!

Nah Ahlian, this one espeselee for you! Niahma you better luff loud loud ok?! If not later you will kena the "Grim RAPEr!" from banglas!

Niahma ... you see the expression on that angmoh face at the end of the ads is dem priceless la! To jump or not to jump ... thats the question! The moral of the sotry is ... if you Angmoh then dont go do acupunture la diu! Acupunture is chainis thingy la! We no speak hamburger wan!


  1. Hahahahahahahah nah now I laff lah Ahbeng. This wan different wei, this wan got spesel effek, got facial espression...not same not same!

    You're da man lah! Next time I laff loud loud ok!!!

  2. wtf?....
    like that I not Ang Moh also dunwan do acupuncture wor....
    jump = die, dont jump = die...

  3. that ah beng
    save his money 1st......

    waka ka ka ka ka ka ka

  4. Anonymous11:00 am

    I like laughing at Ang Mohs...thanks Wingz for giving me the opportunity



  5. That is one situation I don't want to get into.

  6. Lol. This is insane. If me I will jump no matter what. But still... scary!


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