29 April 2008

Bird Nest for Mader Day Plesen?

Mader day is nearby oni and needless to say lotsa peeple will think of what plesen they should buy for their mader. (seriously ... why oni be good to own mader only one day in a year? got serious blen damage ka?)

Of coz since most mader is alredi seasoned .... most of the chewren will prefer to buy something thats good for their health wan. Ginseng, Yomeishu and bird nest is among the popular health related producks during this mader day celebration. I dunno much about Ginseng and other health related ploducks but I got this email from Uncle Cocka about Bird nest and how its being processed that might makes you think twice about purchasing/consuming Bird's saliva (nest)

You all might think all bird nests looks like the one this bird nest harvester is holding on his hands


but think again ... out in the open ... your spit will be sticky and start attracting dust and insects and who know what kinda other creature that might get attracted by spits?



Or it will end up looking like this! A mouldy, fungus infected black bird nest! But of coz .. if they put this piece of "charcoal" on the shelves ... no one will buy it! So ....


Someone gotta clean it! seperating the bird nest from feathers, dirt and god knows what else is onnit.

Seperate ledi then cut into small small pieces ...


Then put those small small pieces into a pail and soak with water. This is where other lighter debris will float to the top and removed. but still the color is not as nice as those bird nest we buy in the shop rite? Wait la! got more process wan la!

Then soak into bleach! (Bleach is clorox or hydrogen peroxide la!)

Bleach them kaw kaw till they turn white color!

Then pour in hot water to get rid of the bleach smell

Still there will be those dirty/colored one ....

Then you hafta dig out the dirty one manually seperating them from the good one.



There! its done! Now to the next step!


Shape them up! I always wonder why those bird nest all uniform shape wan? I thot they got some kinda skool to teach those swallow how to make the same shape of nest wan ... mana tau its human who made the shape!


Nah! see nice anot? Like kueh shape lidat!


Then they kasi arrange neat neat on dryer

Then they kasi arrange neat neat on the "homemade" dryer

Before the drying process

Domestic fan being used and the heat from the bulb helps with the drying process.

Drying process might takes as long as 24 hours.

Fully dried manually shaped bird nest ready to be sell.

The Bird nest that are available at the chainis medicine shop ....

This is part of the excerpt taken from the email :

"Malaysia and Indonesia produce at least 800-2000kg of Cao Yan and Mao Yan.

In these birds' nests, only a small amount is edible (the saliva of the bird), but they are very dirty and almost black in colour. No one would want to consume it.

So should we just waste it like that? No, there is of course a way of turning them into attractive products, which is bleaching. Some suppliers use H2O2 to get rid of the smell of second class birds nest. H2O2 is a rather poisonous chemical, and it might cause cancer.

Only some food contain small amount of SO2 and SO3 (not more than 0.00000002%) In Japan the amount of SO2 and SO3 in all sorts of food must not exceed 0.00000001 after bleaching.

Before this, the nutritional value in Cao Yan and Mao Yan is already very low. After processing using chemicals, the nutrient in the birds' nests is totally destroyed. Therefore, the nutritional value can be said to be lower than Pek Bok Nee... have you eaten before?

The birds' nests which are bleached have lost its original shape. So, businessmen turn these birds' nests into different kinds of shape. The most common shapes are leaf-shaped, strips and round shape. There are also those who dye the birds nest into yellow/ red colour, and cheat the unknown consumers by selling these birds' nests to them as Xue Yan/Jin Si Yan.

The nutritional value of these birds' nest is gone and totally worthless after processing them with lots of chemicals.

Do you think that people will still be selling them ?"

Gonna be buying Bird nest for your lovely mum this lambing mader's day anyone? Cocka said eat his saliva is better la!

Note : To trust or not to trust? You be the judge ok? It might just be anoder hoax or .... it might not ....

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  1. Anonymous5:19 pm

    I tink it is a hoax..coz u can see they copy n paste two different scenario into one..first the baldi color were not the same!!Secondly the baju of the aunty also not the same..


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