9 April 2008

Streamyx Combo Best!

One day Ahbeng and Ahlian went shopping mall there to look see look see. Then, got this hansem gentlemen come and approach them, and say, “Sir, Madam, Streamyx Combo for you?”

Then Ahbeng goan take the fryer and see, and this is what he see:

Ahbeng: Fuyoh! You selling me burger ah? What name is your burger jek? How kam neber hear before lidat wan?

Hansem gentlemen (HG): No sir. This is broadband internet.

Ahbeng: HAH? Bloadband? What is that jek?

HG: Do you surf the internet, sir?

Ahbeng: Of course lar! I very IT fler wan! Every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday oso I go check weather I kena number or not!

HG: That’s very good sir. When you load the page, does it load very fast, or slowly?

Ahbeng: Aiya, this is the prabrem lar. Everytime I tensen wanna see weather I win number or not, the internet hor, load so slow lar! Like one number one number kam out lidat. Make me no patient oni.

HG: Sir, if I tell you that with this broadband internet, your internet speed will be doubled, even tripled sir, would you believe me? Do you like it that when you click on a link, your page loads in seconds?

*Ahbeng’s eyes open up big big*

Ahbeng: Sure anot? You dunch bruff me wor.

HG: Sir, I won’t bluff you. As you can see from the flyer, broadband internet can actually be cheaper than your usual dial-ups at home. For only RM 60 per month, you get UNLIMITED internet access! And on top of that, this package comes with a modem, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of buying a modem yourself. This saves you time and money sir! And if there is a problem with your modem, worry not, for there is a warranty for the modem. Just give us a call and our friendly technician will be at your doorstep to fix everything for you.

Ahbeng: Fuyoh! This Streamyx like very good hor.

HG: It is, sir! Let me tell you a little secret to help you save more money.

Ahbeng: Wah this wan I like! Faster tell me!

HG: Right now we have a promotion for Streamyx Combo. This simply means that when you apply for Streamyx, you only pay RM 60 a month, without having to pay the additional RM 25 for your TM Homeline Rental. Every month you save RM 10, imagine how much you get to save in a year!

Ahbeng: *think hard hard* Lidat you’re right oso. RM 10 one month. RM 120 one year. Good ah, good ah! You sure you dunch bruff me wan hor? I wan those type I click then faster faster can see the page wan wor. I dunch want to wait until bekside oso pain wan wor! Ok lar lidat. How do I sign up jek?

HG: You can call 100 or visit the nearest TMPoint, or even sign up at the booth here.

So you how? If you are still using dial-up, don’t think anymore lor. Nowdays, peoples want everything to be fast. Lidis only can catch up on the rat race mah.


  1. i'm thinking of getting one..
    RM 60.. me pokkai dy..

  2. you play play weather oso kar?
    you no mansion spesel weather oso on TIU!-Sday lor......

  3. why don u do online marketing sales?

    since u have this so-called "talent" in advertising via blogging... *PUKE*

    hahahaha!! cheers farker!!

  4. sure or not ? cabling tak yah meh ?

  5. I signed up ledi jor lor, if not, every month I pokai ledi pay dial-up!

  6. I'll sign up after I got a laptop.

  7. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Hi guys. Been reading this interesting blog for quite some time already.

    I'm studying in Australia and I must tell you all that TMnut is good. Yes. No bullshyting. I used to complain alot aboutTMnut... but once I tasted aussie broadband... I miss TMnut.

    Thx for reading.


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