1 April 2008

Its April Fool!!! CTRL+F4 trick still works!!!

NOTE : This post very long winded wan ... if you not free then do your work 1st ... later lunch time only kambek read ok?

Ladies and GenITALmen ....

This is Jed Yoong not Jedy Oong ok?!! its Jed Yoong! Jed Yoong is a vehlee fehmes politikus brogger who go skool in amadika and bekam a journalist!!! (YEAYY!! i finally got a journalist fwen!!!!)

I seriously dunno how or when we added each ader in Gtok but if you look at her brog .... shes one blardee serious type of brogger la! Her engrish dem chim ... chim till i derno what she toking most of the time!

So you will be wondering ... what this Ahbeng is toking to her in Gtok wan? Can communicate meh?

Today lemme show you how Ahbeng bruff Ahlian into briff-ing that she can let Ahbeng fix her PC by pressing certain keys on the keyboard!

You dunch briff? Read yoself la! This is the exactly how we tok wan .... if still dunch briff you ask Jed and see lor!

freelunch: my stupid new firewall is TOO intelligent every damn thing also ask permission

me: its lidat one mah... its still in learning mode la

freelunch: yeah how u know?

me: i m not technologically challenged la! :P

freelunch: i am ... but comodo is cool

me: comodo is wut? i know what is kodomo la! my son mia toothpaste! kodomo lion! lol

freelunch: it's my TOO HAPPENIN' firewall! now my application cannot LAUNCH

me: right click then goto setting and "allow" lo

freelunch: i TRY LIAO!! now looking for CD

me: kakakaka!! ok ok i tell u what ... i can help u fix it if you grant me temporary access to your pc by pressing CTRL+F4 at the same time

freelunch: wow. too scary....so many secrets like my PORNO cannot.... ha ha hah a...very sensitive ha ha ha ha ha ... tks tks tks.. [wink]

me: eh dunch werry.... i can oni look at your desktop

freelunch: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

me: kenot access your hdd one

freelunch: how u help me fix. wait let me allow the application...wow, i have so much secrets here u know? i trust u but i dun trust myself

me: i got reputesyen to plotek one wokeh? i no do unethical stuffs one!

freelunch: nanti jadi macam edison chan

me: u press the CTRL and the F4 key simultaneously ... then will got one pop up window ask u wanna gimme access anot can set the level one, so dun werry ... i wont get to see those stuffs that u dunwan me to see geh all yo pron is teh safe!!!!

freelunch: ok ok... so what do now...

me: u press the CTRL and the F4 key simultaneously lor

freelunch: so what i do now?

me: press edi? elo elo? mushi mushi?

freelunch: do liao

me: where got? why my side no pop up window wan?

freelunch: yeah press already

me: both key together gether pless wor!

freelunch: yes lor what happens is your chat window boh liao! u bruff me isit


freelunch: ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! ahahahahhahah good one ha ha ha ha!!

me: i m so gonna brog about this! my 2nd victim at 12:15am!!!

freelunch: can2 ha ha ha ha ha ha ha wah damn dangerous .... nvm i be more famous

freelunch: nvm nvm. got go kena kid chan or not

me: KidChan?? later his fansee chop me la! I sked!

FYI ... if you pless CTRL key and F4 key together gether .... you will close watever window thats active at that moment wan ok?


  1. Anonymous7:19 pm

    Dey macha. It's ALT+F4 la dei!

  2. oi
    uncle wingz....not ALT+F4 meh? u don use this to fool ur readers lei...we know is not CTRL+F4 lei

  3. Ya lor. Not ALT + F4? Using Mac ah?

  4. Anonymous2:19 am

    walau all my porno secrets are out liao. by the way, PORNO is an acronym for Political Organisation Reconaissance New Orbit. ;) It's some software for politics. ;) wink. wink. wink.

    haiyoh. so shy now. what if people use PORNO against me?

  5. Anonymous2:24 pm

    CTRL+F4 closes a 'mini' window withing a window, like how your active tab in Firefox will be closed. ALT+F4 otoh, will close the entire Firefox browser.

  6. Anonymous1:02 pm

    please lah! u think i will kena meh? anyway i promoted both your blog today! hehehhe


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