21 April 2008

Monday Bulus - How to Snake in Opis

Its Monday! the most dreadful day of all! its a long way to go before the next weekend!!!

Its day lidis we nid a bit of push (not from behind lar you pervert!) to give us the pahwer to go thru the next 4-5 days of hell!

We in Rojaks understand this fact therefore we came out with ways to help you go thru your monday a bit easier!

Today we teeching lu how to snake in the opis!

Lets say u been typing in the opis since 9am and suddenly you feel dem blardee sleepy .... u swear to god that you could almost sleep with your eyes open ... what should you do?

This is what you should do ....

1st u slide as much as your body under the desk lidis ....

here is the top view jsut so you dont do it wrongly

When most of your body is in ... now just slide sideway till your fugly face is underneath the desk also. (like the pik above la!)

Nah show you the perspective view la!

This is the sideview!

Note : Before you attempt something as stupid as this ... i would advice you to goan weight yourself first ... if you weight anything more than 50kg ... pls dont break the chair and table ok? LOL!


  1. LOL. I can't do that, do big size.

  2. ini macam, lu sama saya tarak boleh liau. hahaha. Only ah huei can do it. hehehe

  3. Anonymous10:34 pm

    if he pull out that keyboard drawer. he would be concealed even more...lol

  4. Anonymous12:23 am

    Yes, I think I can do that because I am 50 KG... uppsss that was 13 years ago. now 60 KG....

    I am FAT.... fat is beautiful LOL


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