18 April 2008

How to Win Noble Prize

This is a story about a guy name Ahbeng and his quest of pursuing the Noble Prize, those who derno what is Noble prize pls go google about it or you could click on the link above ok?

The Noble Prize Medal

Ahbeng been dreaming winning the Noble Prize since young age, to achieve his dream he worked very hard 24/7. At 24 years old he managed to save enuff money to buy his own farm that comes with a huge field.

Ahbeng then quit his job and begin his life as a farmer, he would work from 6am till 5pm go home take a bath and a meal and walk to the field and stand in the middle of the field from 7pm onwards till midnite.

Ahbeng's daily routine had triggered the curiosity of his neighbors and one of them (Ahock) who is also Ahbeng good fren la. Ahock been watching Ahbeng's routine for a few months edi and at first he told himself dun busybody then after a while curiosity gets to him and he cant hold it any longer but to open his mouth and ask. So Ahock inbite Ahbeng to kopitiam for a cuppa of kopi that evening and the conversation goes lidis ...

Ahock : Ahbeng, what you doing stading in the middle of your field every night?
Ahbeng : Ah .... I m doing that to achieve my dream!
Ahock : your dream?? what dream you got?
Ahbeng : I wanna win the NOBLE PRIZE!
Ahock : NOBLE PRIZE??!! How on earth you gonna win a Noble prize by standing in the middle of a field everyday?
Ahbeng : You dunno one la! I wrote a letter to Noble Prize foundation asking them how to win noble prize wan and they replied my letter, after that I has been doing what they told me to do in order to win the noble prize.
Ahock : And that is standing in the middle of the field?
Ahbeng : Yup!
Ahock : Why?
Ahbeng : In their reply they told me that "noble prize is given to people who is/are OUTSTANDING in their FIELD"
Ahock : luffing

To those who dun gedit ... the keywords here is OUT-STANDING and FIELD now goan read again!


  1. Dunch forget to tell Ahbeng to put on sunblock oh...I sked he go out stand in the field long long burn until dark dark oso nochet win Nobel Prize. Laobeh prize got lar!

  2. Anonymous1:15 am

    Like that ma all football reserves & their coach can win nobel prize? They are OUT STANDING in the FIELD. kakaka :p


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