17 April 2008

Ahlian at Skool!

Yesday my Kid said this to me ....

Kid : Ahpah! Ahpah!
Me : Yea?
Kid : Skool got one big Ahlian's pikture!
Me : Your TCher put up Ahlian Pikture in your skool?
Kid : Yar
Me : Your TCher also into Ahlian Stuffs huh? I dun blame her la ... she also looks like Ahlian also!
Kid : kekekekeke Tcher look like Ahlian!!
Me : Ahlian hair what kaler wan?
Kid : Green kaler and got big big eyes!
Me : You sure Ahlian hair is not gold?
Kid : No, Green kaler hair and big big eyes and long hands with sharp fingers!
Me : Wah!! New style for Ahlian ar?
Kid : Yah! Ahlian got Spaceship too!
Me : AHlian got spaceship??!!!
Kid : Yah! got lotsa lights on the spaceship!
Me : Har?? You dun bruff Ahpah hor! Its a sepot car with bling bling lights izzit?
Kid : What is bling bling lights Ahpah?
Me : Nebermin .... tomolo i bring you to skool u show me the pikture wokeh?
Kid : Okeh!

And this morning I saw this pikture at the hall of my Kid mia kindy ......

MCH! I shud have known la! altho hes my kid but hes too young to inherent my Ahbeng genes yet! Its ALIEN pikture la! Not Ahlian pikture!!! ARGHHH!!!


  1. ha! me FIRST!

    ur jokes never fails to lighten up "siu siu" of my day =p


  2. *rolling on the floor laughing*

    Ahbeng, your son is becoming like you ledi!!!

    i love ur posts man!


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