20 March 2005

White Thunder

Many moons ago (Long Time ago b4 olangs putih even existed in Amalika), In Amalika exist a clan of LED Yindian (Mohawks). The chief (Penghulu) mia son, well, his name is White Thunder. So it is almost time for the chief to pencen ledi and pass all his machais and kerbaus and lands to White Thunder, buden befoh dat White Thunder kena pass exams dulu. White Thunder kena pass so many test that would ambik lebih korang 2-3 tahun to go thru (kinda like a degree course lidat la).

Now i mau tell u about Bitchy Cat, shes White Thunder mia bini, Shes one hella chun chicka! buden White Thunder sapuED her ledi as bini and lotsa aders Led Yindians Boh song sama White Thunder. Den in this story, White Thunder orso got a chilhood frend named Big Bear.

The Cerite

So White Thunder last nite with Bitchy Cat, they have wild and passionate sex the LED YINDIAN style. When the sun kam out White Thunder kiss Bitchy Cat goodbye and left to do his Degree leaving Bitchy Cat all alone for the next 2-3 yrs. They both agrees to keep in touch with smoke signals and sending each aders letters with arrows. (Kinda like bulutooth/WiFi and sms nowadays la)

- 3 Yrs Later -

White Thunder Dapat Degree liow and quickly rush home to see his bini, Bitchy Cat. White Thunder see Bitchy Cat mia tummy dem big liow, he says to himself "How come ? Thats definitely not me bikin mia"

Then this conversation took place :

White Thunder : HOW COME ??!!!!
Bitchy Cat : *Pretends to be blur* "What how come ?"
White Thunder : *Furiously pointing at her stomach* "This how come ?"
Bitchy Cat : *Sked liow kena tell the truth*
Bitchy Cat : Many many moon come, you no come, Big Bear come, This how come!



*P.S. No Led Yindians was hurt in this story either!


  1. Anonymous5:51 pm

    I was so bored until Wingz come in and told me about his updates. tears rolling down as I laugh and laugh. Believe it or not It is so funny. Btw, my father name me "laughing tears" son of laughing buddha a/l skyback

  2. Anonymous6:46 pm

    rotflmao !

    good joke

  3. The story not very farny but your cerite from Malay to Yingrish to Cantonese to bulutooth, very farny la. I am not blogging until Monday traffic over 'cos I want to make sure peeple did not miss my current blog comment. According to one good doc, that is a sign of overdosing liao. LOL!

  4. hiak hiak :P siapa itu white thunder ?

  5. I like the last few part of it....very teh funny!!!!

  6. JXT2J : Im glad you enjoyed it

    kljs : Hopw you like this one

    5xmom : Hehehe actulee bulutooth and sms idea are borrowed from the Led Yindian, its nothing new ler lol!

    Munkit : White Thunder leh ... neh Kerbau Bill mia kawan ler .... u dunno meh ?

  7. Anonymous10:26 pm

    Wakakakakakakakakkaka....uhuhuhhuuhhuh......ehehehehehehehehehe....kekekekekekekeke....hahahahahahahahahahaha.....wawawaawwawa..wewewewewewewewewewewew.....HOU LAN 7 FUNNY!!!!!!!! Stephen Chow oso kenot lawan!!!! kalah at least 10 tiang lampus!!!!! I Lafu Yew!


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