20 March 2005

My Health OK Doc?

Yesday me and Mrs. Wingz pigik visits our family klinik to pay Dr. Sow a visit. Actually I need to get somemore sleeping pills from him as i just took the last one the nite befoh (that stuff he gave me were so fucking "G-O-O-D!"). We arrived at the klinik around 11a.m. lidat. Nobody around also, i think doc also ngam ngam open klinik dats why tarak olangs.

Anyway, the nurse asked me to go into the consultation room rite after i registered, so I go in with Mrs.Wingz lor. As usual Dr.Sow would gives us a warm welcome smile and would ask us how we both and our kid is doing n stuffs lidat. We are more than doctor patient relationship by now, we are long time buddy! So i sat and i told him there is nothing wrong with me and i asked him to put away his "headphone" (stethoscope). I am only here to pickup somemore of that sleeping pills you gave me the other day, that pill made me sleep like a dead corpse and i like it! LOL!

Doc Sow, he did adviced me against being too dependent on sleeping pills and i should look for others remedies. I said "OK, but gimme dat pill 1st, i'll look for other remedies later. Gimme more this time you only gave me 5 bijiks the last time!" He gave me 10 bijiks! YESH!!!
Then Mrs. Wingz start to komplen sama Doc.Sow, Of coz lar he cant sleep, everinite online till "3 kang pun yeh" then smoking non stop how to be able to sleep peacefully lidat?

Wah lau eh .. dat time I diam diam only ... sked kena tembak sommo. Buden Dr.Sow come to my rescue! He said "Mrs. Wingz ar, lemme tell you one story lar. "I got this patient who comes in regularly, I mean very very regularly and always tell me he suspek his body something wrong, here sakit, there sakit. Everyweek he suspek himself got new illness one. So one day he come for a regular checkup after he complained hes having some kinda breathing pobem. After the checkup I told him everything is fine with him and told him not to worry too much. Then he asked me a few questions"

The Story
Patient : Doc ar, you sure there is nothing wrong with me ar ?
Dr Sow : your are even healthier than I m! What could be wrong ? Dont worry too much lar, its all in your thoughts. You want me recomend you for counseling ?
Patient : No, no thanks Doc I think I am fine now.
Doc Sow : Good lar lidat, you should always think positively mah.
Patient : Doc ar I wanna ask you hor, you think i can live untill 70 yrs old anot?"
Doc Sow :*paused for a few secs* "Do you smokes?"
Patient : no no no i hate rokok one, i dont smoke at all!
Doc Sow : Do you gamble ?
Patient : No No No I hate gambling! those are disasterous hobby!
Doc Sow : Do you consume alotsa alchohol ?
Patient : No No No I dont drink neither! I hate the taste of alchohols.
Doc Sow : Do you fool around with women ? you know whore house, niteclubs & char kuat yuen kinda place ?
Patient : No No No. Vice is one of the thing i hate the most!
Doc Sow : Do you like to speed when you are driving ?
Patient : No No No, i am a law abiding and very good citizen, I always obey the speed limit one!
Doc Sow : Hmmm .... Since you dont do all that, why the hell do you wanna live untill 70 year old ar ???!!!

After Doc Sow finish the story he said this to Mrs.Wingz, " a man got to have at least a few bad habit to be able to live long one you know ?" Mrs.Wingz also diam diam ledi! kakaka I AM SAVED TO LIVE YET ANOTHER DAY !!!!


  1. Wah, ur doc wont lose to our doc also woh~!

  2. hahaha yea he got great sense of humor too, prolly bcoz we around the same age and we known each other for quite some time liow. hehe ... hes a cool doc!
    I once asked him to take the pic of my infected tonsils for my blog, he offered me the pic of a testicles instead! LOL!

  3. Anonymous4:11 am

    L M A O

  4. And you did not take any pills 'cos I saw you helping to flame at 5am! Stop thinking how to earn the next million dollar and you can sleep peacefully liao.

  5. errmmm.....what's up doc?

  6. LMAO. Can challege with Dr Liew dy.

  7. Abuden, Wingz larling, you know which forum to join in case you need 'medical'advices! LOL! Sure to knock you out 99 or 69 or whatever you choose.

  8. Malaysia's own Dr. Phil!!!! :P


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