9 March 2005

2,850 More To Go!

The magic of outsourcing is that rather than to make it yourself, you will still gets a same or even better quality products at a cheaper price. Outsourcing is a magical trend that hits everyone by suprise. Everyone wanna get a piece of it, yea including me. So, instead of making it here in Malaysia we made it in ChungCock! the finished final products were suppose to be sent back to Malaysia and to be re-export under our beloved country's banner. Well at least thats the plan.

Shipment Date : 15th March 2005
Location : Alabama, USA
Container Dispatch Date : 10th March 2005 (Its Thursday!!! Yea tomlo! )

This afternoon :

Amy were doing the final check on all the merchandise to make sure everything is in order while i was busy toking to Doc. Liew on MSN and stalking the http://forum.drliew.net/ outta sudden i heard Amy paging for me thru the walkie talkie.

This is part of our conversation :

Amy : Boss Boss What was the model we gonna send to Trey ?
Me : EXT38-L, mud yeh see Amy ?
Amy : I just opened one of the box to double check and i think we are in deep shit.
Me : What What ??? tell me more!!!
Amy : Your China good frend packed EXT38-L in DT256-1 packaging! I check th inside ledi its really EXT38-L but the box says its DT256-1 ! How now ?
Me : You are not trying to play an Advance April Fool Trick on me like some pundeQs i know are you ?
Amy : U dont belif u come down and see for yourself lor!
Me : Ok bring one up n show me. Call Jo n the others for a urgent meeting!

Conclusion : Yes we are fuckED.

Solution : We might be able to get away with it, but not without paying a price. Rush production of new boxes (3,000) of them. Repack every single one of them! and get them delivered by 10th March 2005! (indirectly increased our cost by more than 10% compares if we were to make them locally) when i were leaving the office at around 6pm ( i kena chow early bcoz i ajaked my buddy go subang Akuarium Batu Karang to buy new Marine species for my Marine tank at home ) they baru kautim re-packing 150 units !!! still got 2,850 units to go! Looks like tomlo i kena go to work in short, t-shirt n jab-penis selipers.

Morale of the setori : Fuck Chungcock! They cant read no Yingrish! cibai ! Give picture ledi still dunno how to read. Fuck them deep deep! Ask them go Tongsan chung farnshe la!

My Revenge : Jo, ammend the LC to Chungcock! ask banker to delay payment due to non conformance. Any future correspondence regarding this shipment refer to us first. Now those fuckers wont be getting any payment without coming back to me 1st.

Lesson Learnt : Dont be so fucking lazy! think of ways to lower production cost rather than to depends on fucking ChungCock*nese*.

Note to myself : why da fark i dint buy that mobile aricond when its on offer ? makai tomlo gonna sweat thru my spender liow! Diusssssssss

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