4 March 2005

Same Shit Different Day

Someone messed up my warehouse today, It gave me a fucking eyesore so, i asked everyone to stop wherever fuck they are doing and fix the mess. Call me when its done and half an hour later its done. Sometimes you just have to tell them again and again and again "this is the way to do it stupid!" damnit! The space is even labelled! WTF are they thinking ? I gave up on them, totally hopeless idiots! i guess thats why there are there and i am here .... no doubt bout that!

I am high on antibiotics! it seems to be working, my tonsils infucktion is retreating now but cough is appearing tho, I guess thats the sign of recovery. Now about that tonsil surgery thingy ..... i think that can wait hehehe ....

Had dinner in "Da chicken lice shop" in leisure mall today, man! their rice sucks! and thier chicken .... no fight with the one in "Nam Heong Chicken lice" in Endah Parade, nevertheless we enjoyed the meal as we are dem blardee hungry!

Freak magnet seems to be happy today, she got a date tonite! dem 9 happy for her ... if only she would quit kopi-O and stick to Susu! hahahaha ... shes just one predictable chick i guess, Its either that or i am just fucking smart! Freak Magnet you make the call!

TokED to Biao Mui in Msn today, she plomised to gimme one of her "bring-a-frend" to gym voucher. Dem nice of her ... i am grateful to have a Biao Mui lidat :) I guessed i nid the workout if i were to go diving in april, cant dives without stamina! i'll dry exhausted!

May is fully booked! April is kinda full too! I gotta go Kuching, Bintulu, Miri, Labuan, Brunei, KK, Sandakan, Tawau, Perth, Sydney, Auckland not to mention an overdue trip to up north too! I wonder how the hell i am gonna chuck all those travelling in March and April! I definitely gonna be grounded for the entire month of May cause lotsa qweilos love to come to Malaysia during that month. May is also gonna be one heck of a month! fulla eating eating eating and sight seing *sigh* when the hell can i retire from all this craps! I hate Flying !!! i hate entertaining !!! I hate staying in Hotels! i hates hotel's food! i hate taxis! and i definitely hates walking around in an unfamiliar part of the country with all my lugguage with me! Damn!!! My life sucks! All i want is to stay at home and bcome a bum! Why is that so difficult?

I typed lotsa labish today, see? i told ya ... i m high on antibiotics! Ignore me pulez!


  1. oiks. which gym? ahahah i aso want! :P
    linked u liao laa ;p

  2. You can run but you can't hide.

    Wei, Penny, your avatar like ghost like dat.....

  3. scared ar auntieeee :X

    yala yours like angel lidat.. mine like.. errr the other way down ;p

  4. pehnee mia avatar like hamsup kwai (pervert ghost) kakakaka!


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