10 March 2005

530s MORE TO GO !!!

Still havent finished yet! still got 530s left to go! pickup man coming at around 3-4pm today!!! i think should be no problem geh. Today i fong kung at around 10pm knn muscle pain all over my body, not to mention leg cramps n stuffs. Yes my spender also wet of sweat ledi!

One of the staff pc kena virus ledi come and ask me how ? I told him ... easy lar ban everyone from accessing to the internet mai kautim lor! Then the fella diam diam walk away and go back to work. In the afternoon i saw him formatting his own pc LOL! maybe i should really ban everyone from accessing the internet, Makai those girls tuning to dunno what farking lehlio stesen, every girl different stesen one. come to think of it i think they all too free ledi .... must start to reduce staff ... must start!!!!

Anyway, I came home just now saw this in my postbox, thought of buying a new notebook for my staff ... this is only a desknote, not a real notebook. But the price is definitely right! (RM 1,799.00) hmmm.... any expert out there can gimme some leads as to this VIA processor is reliable anot ? or is the whole machine is realiable anot ?

ECS DESKNOTE Click to Enlarge Image  Posted by Hello

It even comes with external battery which will converts the Desknote to a notebook! hmmm .... still i need someone to gimme their professional advice. Please comment.


  1. I want one. But my family veli poor. My father drives a kancil only, so he refused to buy me one.

  2. Diuss la you, want to ask about computer, put your title as computer then the whole PPS will come and tok computer until you botak. Put 503, gwei chi lei kong mat ye. Errr...you won't scold me wan hor? Just want you to know I stalk you like you stalk me. LOL

  3. OI MCB, I baru saw the liulian ahsum. I demand to be moved to the loktor column or change my name hor? Ngo mm sek lou keh, lei kei tak, ok? KNN. (head getting too big liao)

  4. Al : can use the easy payment scheme mah ... RM102 per month oni wor ...

    Liulian : who/what is PPS ar ?

  5. Anonymous1:31 am

    err....kay, i happen to see the same carefour handout and i suspect that this desknote does not come with any operating system.....linux perhaps, so if your staff need to use MSWord, PPoint, Excel etc, it might cost more than that.....Personally, i would not recommend u getting this for office use, get branded wan la save the headache ma......;>

  6. fashionasia
    Maybe buy Winxp only the OEM version 300-400 bucks. For office application i using the open office which is free. So i m not worried there, its the hardware that i am worried about bcoz i havent heard of this VIA processor before.


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