14 July 2006

Modus Operandi

We do know.. i blogged in rojaks today to achieve certain things.. *malu

(add one link here sin) - i very low profile geh.. and i believe rojaks reader not buta geh

1st thing 1st.... i would like to thank lin peh (i will contact you for joint partnership) for hosting the comment slot because this blog is not available in my office thanks to the hamkafookwai mia firewall... can blog and add entry but kenot view comment, therefore, explains why i didnt respond... sorry ah!! i lap you all long long time....

(add one link here sin)

the other thing........
DAMN YOU GUYS MOU YEE HEI!!!! tau keh pop in for comment you all run away la.... nia sing ah... i sure gonna die dy geh.... soon you all will see me newpaper obituary section liao geh... predicted oredi.. my tai seong lou say i die kena rape by cristiano ronaldo woh...

Facts:(add one link here sin)
- the video posted in the previous post main actor is my brother shawn.. and it's not real la... sorry for lying loh.... where to put my face if my giant brother kena belasah with some handbag woh... nia sing ar... if i see that they all do that ... see they become ham chin peng or not...
- wingz coming back tomorrow i think.. errr.. wait.... shit.... he told me 4 days 3 nights.. but if he can find one ah kua there ... which has already jeruk herhis kuku jiao.. then... i think he will stay there forever lah...
- he just couldnt stay away from rojaks la... farking one ah kua there dy still wanna come online and peek-look-see woh... sei kay poh... say holiday means holiday la.. hak yan chang..
- despite the possibilities that he might stay where he is right now, he will be damn sure to hire an assasin to come rape me and lin peh (yes ah pek we are in this together.. i die you also die.. i kena rape you will also kena rape.. yay!)
- after posting so many of my links here.... i only had 3 beautiful chicks drop comment in my sad blog.. (for marketing gimmicks= please go my blog and see who are the 3 chicks .. sorry girls have to use your publicity.. please claim your loyalty from wingz..)
- i had to take care of this blog so i didnt have time to blog my own.. *blame*

Our Objectives:
you see OUR (please note....me and linpeh.. this time have to quote liao..cos all mou yee hei) intentions is good geh.... we are the best of the best geh.. we want the best for rojaks!!!!! so.....we are to... beautify rojakz ler... *shy*blush* too much jantan-ism here.. because nowaday equal rights mar...

My objective:
- Seeing that rojakz alot of readers worldwide.. i was hoping that i can snag a hensem reader from iraq... why iraQ? cos they have lan jiao big big and they have alot of money geh!!!
- get some traffic flow to my blog la.. knn....
- earn some money like wingz la... knn...
- burukkan nama wingz la.. tnmch
Lin Peh objective:
-same as mine la.. except instead find one leng and pretty iraq mui la.. cos got money ma (ADMIT IT AH PEK!)

Now my question to Ah pek, eh how many visitors you had thereafter?

yish... menyampah.......(add one link here sin)

After all said and done.... back to our decor...

ANATA KAWAII DES!!!!!!! *sissy ah kua pose* hello kitty hello kitty wo ai ni... !!!!!

ok .. i think this will be my last post. Thereafter, i dont think wingz will ever ask me to blog as a guest blog... for you all that sapot me.. tenchiu.. for those who hated it.. pliz email me so that i gip you my house address, you can come throw banana skin at me..

mission : accomplished (kononnye la)


  1. Anonymous11:42 pm

    ama! rape by christialo lolaldo.. hahaha, die oso untung le

  2. Anonymous12:13 am

    i lafu 'EVERiBODi LAFU ROJAKS'.

  3. stone: yah loh yah loh...

  4. Anonymous12:26 am

    rape you? if he got all kind of sex disiese then mana untung

  5. Anonymous12:31 am

    well i hope u terus contineu blog in here

  6. cagalli : errrrr if he got sex penyakit.. i will die anyway.. so let him rape 9 9 also tai tou lan la..

    kira: eh yah meh.. *blush

  7. Anonymous12:41 am

    Who want to rape9you. Give free also don't want. You said "malu" already somemore want people to rape9you!!

    What a lame excuse!! puii..puiii..
    Balls..you didn't take care of this blog at all and now you wan to "Poh wok". Where were you when there are so many people blast this blog? This is posted by you isn't not?

    Who cares if this is your last post!

    Your cheebai itchy issit want Iraq guy KKC big big?

  8. Anonymous12:44 am

    rape by by bo-lan-doh?
    kam la i rape you 1st

  9. cristiano ronaldo: shhhh.. i love you long long time too

  10. yzak jule: your kkc big or not geh.. no big like wingz mia pls cut it away onia la

  11. Anonymous12:52 am

    you want see anot? later i show you i can give you orgasm in 4 times straight row...

  12. Anonymous1:00 am

    eh i wan rape you oso but your nen nen big anot?
    if like anthill i will consider 1st
    if like landasan kapal terbang you gif free bangla oso dun wan

  13. jule : ok gimme contact i la la lum call you..

    athran: errrrrrrrrr..... like that arr... nen nen not so big until can hempap gajah la.. but wa meng i kena rape by cristiano wo.. the tai seong lou never mention any athran wo

  14. Anonymous9:38 am

    err....sorry..wrong blog..eh waitaminute..*check mia check...betui wor..sei mou..oi shireen...ish ish ish..i go tell ur mother...

  15. u did a wonderful job looking after wingz rojak shop!

  16. eh yah meh *malunye*Blush* i lap u long long time wuching

  17. shireen:
    Taokeh back liao. So, he can sendiri ta fei kei already. Lin Peh will now move on. Moving to your blog and rape 9 you in your blog. Can ah ? LOL!

  18. linpeh ... you must be rich and have big kkc wan wo.. no big kkc pls join the wingz club tQ.. yah taukeh bek liao.. no need stress so much


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