21 July 2006

Tattoo - Why izzit Cool to have one?

Personally I dont think its cool to have a tattoo imprinted permanenetly on my skin, prolly I m one of the old-skool fler thats why. But a few months ago, my Sister in Law got her first tattoo at the age of ... erm ... lets just say she is a lil bit older than me ok?

Lets face it, it might look nice n sharp now but in about 10 or 20 yrs from now that so called "artwork" will looks like a lump of shit on saggy skin, you can be sure of that! I seen senior folks with dark patches on their skin and when i asked them wat izzit they said "its a tattoo you dumbass!"

Please do not misunderstand my intention, I do not have anything against people with tattoo on their skin .. Its prolly the way i been brought up or maybe i m just too chicken to get myself tattooed. LOL! (Terenceg dun diu 9 me pls!)

I actually do have a story to tell you guys and its related to tattoo wan, Once there is this couple (Ahbeng and Ahlian) who loves each other very much. One day Ahbeng goan tattoo the name "Ahlian" on his KKC and later on show it to Ahlian and proposed.

Very soon they were married and their married life consider good also lar .. only one thing no good, Ahbeng dun like being call Ahbeng anymore .... in fact he made himself an Angmoh name Call Bernard, So now everyone call him Bernad Beng and Ahlian call him by his innitials B.B. (sounds like baby lar)

A few months after that come Bernard Beng Birthday, Ahlian thot long and hard and finally knew what kinda suprise to give to Bernard Beng. She remembered how Bernad Beng tattooed her name on his kkc and she also wanna do something similar to make him happy.

So she went to the tattoo shop and wanna have his hubby's name tattooed on her buttcheeks, but were told by the tattoo artist that the name Bernad Beng is too long and cant fit nicely onto her butt so, instead of Bernad Beng Ahlian tattooed the letter B on 1 side of her bun and anoder B on the other side of her bun it reads B B, the pet name Ahlian gave Bernad Beng.

Later that nite Bernard came home after long day at work only to find Ahlian is waiting for him in her sexy lingerie, Ahlian then tell Bernard :

Ahlian : BB, Happy birthday!! I have a present for you .....
Bernard : Tenkiu honey ... present for me? faster show me!! show show!!
Ahlian : U sit down first ler ....
Bernard : ok ok i sit down ledi faster show ler!
Ahlian : You gotta love this .. its a suprise
Bernard : I cant wait!!!
Ahlian : You remembered the day when you proposed to me you goan tattooed my name on your kkc?
Bernard : Yea ... and?
Ahlian : Well I done something similar today .... take a look yourself .....

Ahlian then slowly lift up her lingerie and bend over for Bernard to see .... Bernad Beng dem sexcited and open his eyes big big getting ready for his suprise birthday present. After 1 minutes Bernard see properly ledi he bcame abit tulan and he asked Ahlian :

Bernard : Who da fark is B o B??!!!! ( B o B )



  1. Wuahh! The 'O' so big wan ah?

  2. Anonymous2:32 pm

    ahahahahhaha... ah beng forever ah beng laa

  3. later ah lian told ah beng...u put ur joystick in my arsehole then it read 'BOOB'

  4. mahai, that red panty damn disturbing la!

  5. haha!! but hor.. if that ah beng calls himself bobby instead of bernard.. BOB mah ngam lor.. lol!!

  6. REcently, I did blog bout "boobs" and "bombs" before your tattoed ass. stupid BB:)

  7. so that why you go to phuket ar? to tattoo yopur but...

  8. LOLOLOLOLOLOL, from so morally uprighteous cerita pun boleh turned hilarious. ROjaks BULLeh!

  9. Anonymous11:56 am

    I'm getting another one soon. Just make sure you understand them properly and don't regret later when you're old and soggy. Get ones that are bigger so that they don't turn into a blot of ink later :P

  10. Anonymous4:26 pm

    Now no nit to tatoo ledi, got spesel wan just stick wan will comes off after a week.


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