6 July 2006

Hello Senawang!

Do you know that from Toll to Toll Kajang to Senawang only takes 15 minutes? Dont ask whats the speed I m driving in larrrr :P

Anyway we went Senawang to visits a factory and on the way back we bought Seremban Siew POWer!!! RM1.20 for 1 bijik .... cheap cheap!! We bought 20 bijiks .... hehehe ...

Senawang no traffic jam wan ... if live here can live a few years longer compared to living in KL.

I Lafu Senawang!!!!



  1. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Yeay, I'm again the 1st !!!11oneone

    Quickly move to Senawang then. :D

  2. by 10pm, u will cry because its too dead town.

  3. Senawang? Cant imagine wingz is staying there... sure mati akibat terlalu boring...

  4. Psstt... try to travel from Kajang to Senawang btw 1-2pm Saturdays. Sure you very song song wan!

    Sak to lei song song ar!!

  5. Good good, go stay there and you got more time to blog. Abuden, cannot, you got nothing to rant so tarak shiok to read also.

  6. got banyak adsense $$$$ adi, go build another bungalow there lor

  7. seremban siew pow is the best wan lar..

  8. hhhmmmm tht one is not the best sban siew pau le... and senawang tht area u photographed is dem ulu... sure no car la...

  9. Anonymous11:27 pm

    Rm1.20 is quite expensive ler. no meh? anyway, i haven't had siew pau in a looooooong time.

  10. better like this ma if mrs tell you where you go in the middle of nite.
    you kanot tell a lie...
    not like in KL...

  11. bryan : u got time machine one ka?

    jason : i rarely go out what else 10pm int he nite ler

    kahwee : senawang ngam for oldman like me leh ... we no nid so much excitements one lol

    anak merdeka : if i stay senawang ledi why i wanna travel from kajang to senawang on a saturday afternoon lerr ....

    frostier : u also wanna stay in Senawang??

    5xmom : if i go there less distractions .. then i can meditate and find the answer on how to be a blogging mahaguru wuahahaha!!!

    nyanyopenang : adsense build bungalow?? bungaHOLE can built la!

    sing ngibk: yeshh!!! seremban siew pow rawks!!!!

    pikey : then which one is the best lar? rekomen abit can anot? Ulu lar best .. cost of living low mah lol!

    bimbobum : I think KL selling RM1.50 1.70 sebijik u know? 1.20 kira cheap ledi ler

    pisang : if u always cheats on your wife then u kena stay in KL la ... but i dont do that one u see so ... i can stay in senawang lol

  12. Anonymous3:08 am

    KNN! So expensive now! -.-"

    I remember first time I eat it, nobody want. Dirt cheap at 50 sen. Blardy... last time I eat also 90 sen. Where the extra 30 sen come from? Fuel hike 30 sen, siew pau also up 30 sen?!

  13. Anonymous9:09 am

    if you looking for cheap factory and not particular obout location, let me know. A lot of empty ones around here.

  14. Anonymous10:10 am

    Senawang is in seremban issit?

  15. gbyeow : suma lancau also naik wei mana got 50 sen sommo?

    ahpek :senawang very near only ler ... just tepi higway only wherelese PD still kena drive long long only can arrive.. logistic wise not very convinient ler

    hijackqueen : senawang is negeri sembilan abit further than seremban

  16. Anonymous12:54 pm

    i live in kajang too.near near ma.next time go makan tag me!! btw live in senawang..takbleh la


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