30 July 2006

Pu nia buhh...


eh some of you guys can stay out of trouble bo.... ask for some simple favour also kenot is it now... knn ah.. this time really no face to give liao la... already kena marah by my tau ke lah... teng lei lou fai ar.....

is like this geh....

tau keh pei yan tiu/no syok/no mood = i kena tiu 2 x ganda summore not the syok type wo........

and then... go holiday in phukiket never buy anything back for me woh..

and then have to OT 9 9 then kenot claim woh... fu lat arr...

summor waste my effort put fahwer here there to deco the tempat keje... mou yi hei mia taukeh.. summore this linpeh dunno sei go where dy.. also another mou yi hei colleague...

then the fler who impersonate Jeff Ooi and another blogger now damn mou seng kak la.. camou other ppl name then now my boss ham hoi me say i ask that fella sabo him wo.... my boss like to post his underwear mia brand, his prada mia vibrator, his two sided gucci dildo, his son mia funky slippers... kwan lei pei si meh....yoh... u dun like then dun komen lo... the blog his one mar.. not yours also... he founder ma.. he wan wipe his hingus all over it muh let him lor... why wan komen then kasi him panas jek..? why???

tiu lor(high note)?!?!?!... u tell me.. tiu or not..

summore kenot pok chui at my boss woh... if i kena fired or i kenot quit my job geh... i never study mar... only he will employ me geh.. so if kena terminated ...sure have to char tau hak sik liao.. become pengemis... tiu....

Please la.. dont irritate me liao lar.. please... i have enough to sei liao geh..

Very simple... dont like .... u can drop us a suggestion.. but dont komen like your grandfather can do better ok.. ..and if you think your grandpa indeed can do better.... please keep it to yourself cos we dont wanna know lar ok and simply because my ancestor is still the best geh.. *i lap you thai koong and thai por..*

set bor??? eh sai bor? simple small request ok... kam sia, sekian tima kacih, ten chu.

sleepi tim....


  1. dia orang itu sot sot tei wan

  2. nyonya: exactly lo... aihh

  3. shireen
    *whisper, whisper* Go write about Siti Nurhaliza and get taukeh's blog top-top on Yahoo, MSN, Google, Cari, Blue Hyppo....Anything with Siti's name and Datuk K sure hit wan. Fast-fast. Don't tell people this is 5xmom's dirty trick hor?

  4. they all sot sot wan....
    baru keluar tampoi hospital

  5. lilian : u keng ler.. hahahah thank you for your idea.. lucky u here today..

    pisang goreng: tampoi? i thought they were from tanjung rambutan.. high time to go back lo

  6. those so hai people must tak ade kerja just go kaciaw ppl blog nia...sial...

    nth to do but wanan create trouble in ppl blog sumore used other ppl name...sial...balless freak...

    btw...pisang u fehmes liaw lor ho...so mani ppl but those so hai chosed u...

  7. Cool...Cool gal...No 'fuk' them la..

    Jeles-si make them sabo and put u in hot water

  8. woi, bradder, cum to pd again lah.. the sea water very refreshing. can cool you down. then can photoblog again!!

  9. Anonymous9:41 am

    ish dem kau no gas
    kennot take simple good advise meh till got to delete my comments

    no wonder ppl call u Br Anne
    fark u lah no gas

    have a good day

  10. Anonymous10:00 am

    mah cau hai...those ppl must vely poor wan. b'c their parents didnt sent them to school...we must kesian them..

  11. Anonymous11:46 am

    Kesian Shireen kena tiu-ed because of that.

  12. bryan: maybe she enjoyed it leh..


  13. Woi dun just sabo Wingz punya blog. Come sabo mine oso la...i need the traffic. MCHKNNCCBBBQPNAB!!!

  14. fulamak!!! can smell fire power liao... cool down la brader... u killed ur body cells la... dun care of them la, just let it be... no worry be happy.

  15. Anonymous1:37 pm

    *sigh* !! why lidis wan geh? Just cool it ma!

  16. Anonymous1:56 pm

    kau yi hei ar..pang yau...ngor zhung yi....

  17. Anonymous3:39 pm

    fark them no time lar. keep it going wiv ur own styles, dun care them.

  18. young brat : for the 1st time.. thank you for acknowledging the fact i am Shireen and not wingz aka my boss..

    ahpek : I AM NOT BRADER La.. no kkc how to brader leh

    anony: not no gas... facts is truth and sometimes some ppl has to be considerate... i didnt know this until i kena tiu from my boss.. kns...

    mr ham: i know

    bryan: is good u understand.. i damn love u now...

    sotong king: errr.. why dont u do something like what my boss did la.. then pei yan tiu...

    kenny: i am sister ler... lan eh...

    aceone: u try kena tiu ler.. sure tulan geh

    cayden: hehehe i lap u too

    guan: yah lo yahloh

  19. Dun diu them lar... not worth losing your precious beauty sleep over them.

  20. kenot la...i no vacation photos to show ppl.Somore i din go tahi kok.
    Can ask tat bugger come to my blog ernot?

    ***blink blink***

  21. ahem* aunty helen ar.. yah lo yah lo.. must pou yeong hor.. later your son run away how... *hiao

    sotongking... i have no command over it wo.. unless u are my new employer ler.. :X

  22. the rojak has become pun choi liao... too much spice and ingredient! give me back my rojak...

  23. Anonymous3:25 pm

    Wah why so flowery language wan? Leng lui don't swear too much la. Later got a lot of wrinkle liao.

  24. see fei: errr take la..

    jessie: kakaka.. beh tahan ma. lucky blood never go upstairs.


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