20 July 2006

Pregnant at 80?? No Shit!

A friend of mine sent me this link to a news site thats toking aboiut a 80 years old woman getting pregnant! 80 year old you know?!!! Below is a copy of the article taken from that website.

Pregnant At 80

ISLAMABAD (ANI) -- Normally it is difficult for women to conceive after around 50 years of age. But, quite unbelievably, an 80-year-old woman in Pakistan is pregnant of four months.

According to The News, the woman, Khurshid Bibi, stays in village Ghaziabad, near Chichawatni, in Sahiwal district, around 128 km from Multan.

When she learnt about the fact she was astonished saying it would be very difficult for her to face the grand children.

Khurshid Bibi got to know about her pregnancy last week when she visited a hospital complaining of pain in her abdomen. An ultrasound was done and her pregnancy was discovered.

Khurshid, who got married in 1950, gave birth to a female child only in the following year and could not conceive again. Her husband Ahmed Din (85) said a palmist-astrologer had told him some years ago that he would become a father of another child after a few years, but he never believed him.

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Source : Mayanmajix

Ok la, lets say its real wan lar ....... then so ngam u also got this female frend whois in her 80s and she is also pregnant at the same time and a few months later she gave birth to a baby boy and you being as kepoh as u usually are will definitely pay her a visit right?

So there you are goan buy all those cheap cheap RM30 bucks Johnson & Johnson baby hamper as gift to the newborn baby.

Of coz the first thing you wanna do after u got into the house is to ask to see the baby right? so you will ask her :

You : Can I see the baby now?
Her : Notchet, come sit down for a while and drink some kopi 1st ler ....
You : ok ok ....

Then u sit down to kepoh with her abit and after a while you realised 30 minutes passed then u ask her again :

You : May I see the baby now?
Her : No notchet ... drink sommo kopi ler wait abit longer ok? later can see ledi i tell u ....
You : Ok ok

Then you continue to tok bad bout your frends and complains about your bf again and before you know it anoder 30 minits passed, you getting abit agitated now .... so you ask your 80 yrs old frend again :

You : Can I see the baby now?
Her : No, notchet ler .....

You abit tulan liow so u ask her again :

You : Then when can i see the baby ler?!
Her : When he cries ler
You : When he cries?? Why kena wait till he cries baru can see the baby??!!
Her : eerrrr ... becoz hor ... just now when u rang the doorbell, I fast fast rush to open the door then after that I forgot where I put the baby ledi ler .....



  1. hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!
    aiyo, i laughed until my face 'chou kan' liao.

  2. Anonymous2:03 am

    Like this also can? LoL...

  3. tengah tengah malam like dis, I laff till cannot stop, how? like how I hunt for my handphone lah, must phone for it to ring. LOL.

    And then hor, they got tell whether she breastfeed with her dried bag susu anot? I wanna know her, want her to join my breastfeeding sapot group. Remember to tell her to join hor? http://mymomsbest.com

    LOL *continues laffing*

  4. aiyoh wingz.... wingz...
    you better be a stand up comedian la evey wan will support you.

    this jokes got two thumbs up.

  5. Geng ar....80 years old pregnant and gv birth aso can be make as a 'rojaks' by u..

    "Must wait till it cry then only can find"

  6. :D...ya ho..people grow older mind grow younger liaw so maybe her child will be her 80years old mom... :D

  7. Yat lau mou tak teng si beh kau shiok joke you have la!

  8. Anonymous11:03 am

    Reminds me of expired milk. :P

  9. Walk also kenot walk proply.. how to carry the baby huh?

    I also interested to know how she breastfeed the baby!!

  10. mirror : u luff so hard ler .. later ppl say u sot plug wan ... unfunny blog also u luff so hard lol!

    bryan : ya lor 80 yrs old also can pregnant sial!

    5xmom : her milk all expired ledi one la!!! long long past used by date liow!

    pisang : sure anot? its my dream to be a standup comedian leh!

    crazygrrl : u luff so loud later ppl skol u then u know!

    youngbrat : erm ... can la .. gibe face abit mah

    ahnel : wuah your theory dem power sial!

    pablopabla : wuah tenkiu tenkiuu

    boss stewie : luff so loud ... next time must buy ticket come in liow

    sifu : hahaha yalor forgot to incorporate the expire milk line inside the joke tim

    zara : wuah then u kena goto pakistan and find her ledi to know how she breastfeed the baby

  11. Anonymous1:26 pm

    Hrmm ... how many babies she can make har ... if she started at 18.

  12. kelaka betul ni, wingz

  13. Anonymous2:51 pm

    Unless modern high tech medicine had reached rural pakistan this must be an aprilfool joke.

    The other reason for this posiiblity is wrongly mentioned age. They are illiterate and birthcerts don exist there.

    wahlau 2001 news aso u can made joke?
    by now she must be 85 years old and wonder she still alive!

  14. Anonymous3:10 pm

    Wuahahahaha...good one!

  15. haha..thats a good one!

    wei perut sakit lorr

    Like everyone else, I agree that you should do stand up comedy.
    You can be Malaysia's Russell PEters man

  17. wingz: i tell my frens about your joke today. they all laughed ler. that's mean u're good. who dare say u're not good, i help u whacked that person.

  18. WAKAKAKAKKA SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Funny. The old lady must be lookin younger than bef.Female hormone is raging than usual.better than botox.


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