9 July 2006

Light & Lazy Weekend : Smashpop Wedding Photos

Ever wonder how celebrity/filem star blogger Ah-Pop a.k.a. Smashpop mia wedding piktures will looks like anot?

Well wonder no more!! We in Rojaks is always the first to bring you ground breaking news wan!!

We just received this spy shots of Smashpop wedding piktures send to us by our smallfly thru the satelite transmission ....

Ladies and genitalmen! Rojaks Daily presents Wedding piktures ala Smashpop style!

This fler got abit looks like Ah Pop rite anot?

Anoder Ah Pop signature jump wedding pic

After we publish this post rite .... you will see next time all the couple go take wedding pic sure got do this Ah Pop's Jump geh! so, if you see your frend wedding photos got this jump u tell them u first saw it on Rojaks Daily ok??!!!

Credit : tenkiu Ah Niu for the Pics



  1. Anonymous6:13 am

    Ah Pop's signature jump looks like Michael Schumacher's jump on the podium - i.e., when he's 1st..

  2. Anonymous9:59 am

    wahsai... why u show my weddings pics ah! my wife don let then how oh..

    hahahah :P

  3. hehe...i nebar tot of dat when i saw dat pikcar...muahaha...

    u r welkam as u say kip my mail kambing bac... :P

  4. eh! that one toyota advertisement wan wor!

  5. aiyoo.. the girl's skirt too long

  6. wait.. did i just say what i said?

    no uhmm.. that wasn't boss stewie.. that was.. uhmm.. boss... stiwie

  7. aiyah cut n paste wan.... ez to do..
    1st you must take your piktures in blue screen then cut that piktures and paste in piktures you like...

  8. Anonymous12:00 am


  9. nice! but i dun wan to do that..jumping means fat body part also dancing. i dun wan to look extra dancing fat in a wedding dress. then it'll be dancing wedding fats of the year...


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