11 July 2006

Stomp Stomp

muahahhaaahahahahahhaaa..... stomp!!! stomp!!!stomp!!! stomp all over rojaks sin!!!

wingz is not in the country... so... i will be 'trying' to errrrrr make you all laugh kua.. so... if i fail geh... you all welcome to throw banana skin at me lah... but 1st thing 1st.. since i am a 'siew lui/mei mao ku leong' and all the cantik cantik things combine in one lah... ... and just to also piss him off cos of this;

'me: oi.. remember to buy souvenir for me ar...

wingz: kenot la!!! my luggage full dy

*nia sing arr... ask to buy souvenir oni say beg full wo.... that also have not depart for KL wo.. say this penuh la that penuh la.... pai meng dun wan buy for people geh*

me: nia sing arr... knn...u sin ka lan is now... not yet even sampai the place say beg full ar..

wingz: really geh.. i buy the RM2 key chain for you ok?

me: mahai .. ask u buy something oni la.. not ask you to bring one whole gajah back la..

wingz: you oredi gajah ma....

me: -_-U knnccb'

so you see he tai sei or not? SO i have to deco this blog with bunga bunga 1st la... cos i mei mao siew lui ma.. ... hehheheehe... *dancing all around rojaks.blogspot.com and doing ballet..

kasi tone down sikit la... this blog has banyak jantan mia elements ma...

aihh let me plant one fahwer here sin...

eh i like the purple colour also wo... one for giving me stupid reason for not buying me a souvenir... purple kaler for committing to buying a cheap skate RM2 keychain..


yeah... one more for calling me a gajah...

WUAhhhAhAhAHHAhaa... he sure tulan geh... i am going to die anyway.. so my as well rub it in hor.. ..So i'll ask you readers a golden question lar...

You think he will tulan or not leh?

If more yes than no.. i'll tell you the size of wingz underwear la..

if more no than yes... then you all win date with wingz la.. (no cocka.. he doesnt have such a bad body odour la.. wont die geh.. most most pengsan nia.. )

we'll see... hu huu hhu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu huh huhu


  1. yes! for sure he tulan wan!

  2. Anonymous9:23 pm

    Yes yes yes yes yes. But I guess no one wanna know wingz's underwear size wan, better tell us ur bra size instead. Kekeke...

  3. -ditto Bryan's comment- Dunwan to know Wingz's spender size, later suey 7 years 7 months. But yes, yes, yes, your bra size can lah, later Wingz sure kamtoong when his trapik pauchah.

  4. Anonymous10:57 pm

    yes yes. i want 2 knw his underwear size tooooooooooo

  5. Anonymous11:11 pm

    wingz is reli reli coming back tonite to kill u wakaka. his rojak blog got flowers. 1st time i heard rojak got flowers 1.

  6. wuching: har really meh.....

    Bryan & 5X : errrrr he oredi hint to you i am gajah ler... wan know tetek saiz sumore meh..

    ricadoe: can .. can be arranged..

    little guy kitchen: i know i am gonna die dy geh... so my as well rub it in ler..

  7. Anonymous11:19 pm

    wingz's underwear size no need la. we want to know your bra size.

  8. i dun wan know your underwear size oso your bra size i dun care..
    iwan see you wear that scuba siut in BLUE color... and wear your RED underwear swimming wear wan... if you got red color wan

    muah ha ha ha ha ....

  9. You all so keen to know wingz underwear size ah?
    I'll give you a hint....can cover the fan wan!

    Shireen bra size ah?
    I give you a hint.....can use as mask when the haze comes back. That also one side dua orang boleh pakai. LOL

  10. Anonymous2:09 am

    Choi..Choi..want Wingz underwear size for what? Cocka already give hint can cover fan wan. Tak mau la.

    Shireen K punya bra one side can cover 2 orang mia face when hase cum bek than hor her underwear size oso can cover the fan la wei !!


  11. I tot wrong blog tim, got so many flower. But nvmla, he dam cheapstake la..RM2 keychain aso dare to buy..Buy at least RM2.90 la

    After hear cocka 'description' dunwan know da size of Wingz underwear + Shireen bra ard..Cocka wake me frm fantasy ard..

  12. muahaha...so many flower...

    about his underwear size no need lar as i visit him onli bought ham ng a.k.a kiam hu and belacan...;P

    wingz:rm2 lumber not lice ler...rm1.99 more lice...muahaha...save 1 cent sumore...uwahaha...

  13. boob: err.. sure boh...

    pisang: err pls go to sexfantasy dot kom if you wan mintak banyak banyak... ewah.. give one cm ask for one kilometer!!!!

    cocka: haze coming back anyway . u no need use mask k? i gip u my bra .. veli good geh can recycle geh...

    brat: yah lo yah lo Rm2.90 .. also i can accept... you so young anyway.. fantasy hamik.... your bulu also not yet grow all yet la...

    ah nel: u be best fren with him ler... lan eh... RM1.99 things also got buy geh....

  14. present come from sincerity not price... :P

  15. Anonymous1:54 pm

    Wingz going to say his favourite word, "MCHHHHHHHH!" muahahaa...

  16. wohoo!!!! towkay not around, we havoc his blog wanna? put all the gay butt farking picture here. when he cum back that time he die of heart attack!!

  17. OK. I'm the lame one here. Where did wingz go? I mean where is he..

  18. Sand - Uncle Wingz went to Thailand to marry a virgin, 16 yrs old Thai wife. If you want one, can order now.

  19. Anonymous4:36 pm

    aiya! he tai sei, not we tai sei ma. so don't torture us la. actually put flowers o.k le, but put leng lui pictures lagi syok, hee, hee, u say banyak jantan elemen ma. diu! why put bushy picture 1? c bushy's face oledi vely tulan liao

  20. HAHAHAHAHAA the flower pics cracked me up....WEI PUT PICS OF BARBIE LA...faster faster!
    and YES he sure tulan wans. ehehehe

  21. Anonymous10:44 pm

    Hope he really angry

  22. ah nel : ngo tai lei mm hei ar!!!!!! cheapskate!!!

    hijackqueen: i am starting to like your nick..

    ah pek: the project is ON la...

    Sand: wingz when to thailand to transform his cock into a pussy

    Stone: i told u mar.. too much jantan element.. must put more girly things ma.. then oni more chicks come in ma.. yoh!!! tak faham meh

    Dawn: good idea..

    anony: chey if he angry i will tell you his underwear size loh!!!... senang nia..

  23. LOL! I got two different crappy answers.. Anyway, I love it. And FYI, I'm not a guy.

  24. ngo kong che...u think i really will bought for people mer? muahaha...
    4 u maybe... :P

  25. Waa...late liao veli late...
    moreee...MOREEeee flowers
    can put some red undies oso...

  26. Wah red undies...GENIUS!

  27. ah nel : lei hou yea!!!!!!

    red undies meh... err too late la.. boss kambing bek liao.. sked dy


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