17 July 2006

Free Ticket to Akedemi FantasiaL Show .....

is a good frend of mine, shes also blardee lich also la ..... she got 2 cars 1 is Naza Ria and 1 is Perdana both also over 100k wan. If Lilian going out with her family or go shopping they will take the Naza Ria bcoz obviously there is more space for everything rite?

So come one day when they go shopping and return oly to find that their Limited edition mia Perdana is missing. So they all goan make polis repot at George Town la, after settle everything with the polis they drive home only to find the car parked back at its original place. There is a note on the windshield saying something lidis :

"I manyak soli for curi-ing your car, my wife is about to go into labour and I have no choice but to *borrow* your car for a while, After i rushed her to the hospital I come back to return your car liow. I am very very the soli and to I attached 6 tickets for tomlo's Akedemi FatanSiaL final stage in Genting Highland to reimbursed for the trouble i caused you all.

A very Honest Man.

You know lar this Lilian dem kind hearted wan, skali see got 6 tickets to Akedemi FantaSiaL Show in Genting Highland she also willing to forget the incident, infact she drove all the way back to Gerogetown mia polis station to tell the polis she wanna withdrew all the charges towards this person and the polis also close the file la.

Lilian and family fast fast pack their stuffs and plan for an erly morning trip down to Genting Highland, their plan was to arrive there at noon and explore that place abit till its time to watch the show. She even managed to book a room for herself and her family for the nite.

They enjoyed the show very much and they stayed overnight in the hotel before driving back to Penang again, they arrived at their house that evening only to find the whole house been ransacked and robbed! they took everything! they even took her microwave oven, her breadmaker and her broken eletrict kettle! Even the sofa also kena kebas!

After a while of searching they found a note behind the main door, it says something lidis one :

Look on the bright side, you have your car back rite? on the other hand I now got a new born baby I need to raise and send to college someday rite anot?

A very Grateful Man




  1. Anonymous1:12 am

    wuahahahaha..who want I got another 2 free tickets for Akedemi FatanSial and I can send to your house free also.

  2. Wuah, I kena put on the chopping board pulak? LOL, I only want Pussycat Dolls tiket.

  3. lilian wat? lilian too ka? that fler fung shui sinseh ka?
    or promoting massage chair?

  4. hahahaha...very clever 'honest' man.

  5. Wingz..Is this a new tactic used by the robber??!!

    What honest man said is true aso ma. Now got baby ard, need money

  6. return kar then rob house...hehe...

    akardemimoore pantangsial so famous mer?

    lilian:kit kat doll i got u want? :P

  7. eh, not true story?

  8. Anonymous10:13 am

    Seriously! Won't be surprise if this is the latest way to rob ppl. :(

  9. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Real one or not? kakakaka

  10. Anonymous12:48 pm

    The thief damn kau smart. This time Lilian kena pwned pula. LoL...

    Who is next, who is next?

  11. Anonymous4:12 pm

    Heard this joke b4. You gotta crack another new one, dude!

  12. lilian kena tipu!

  13. aiseh,
    the tell-tale sign should be the 'Akedemi FatanSiaL', honestly lar where got chinese tengok AF wan?

  14. ace : oi i want i want!! send to my house!

    lp : tenkiu but someone said its not funny wor!

    5xmom : tsk tsk tsk ... where got chopping borard la? i only teaching ppl how to rob u jek lol!

    pisang : u derno lilian ka? she also got give 4D number also one wor!

    mirror : honest leh!!! I also honest lidat one u know? u like anot?!!

    youngbrat : yar i m actually into robbery now lol ... robbers training institute lol!

    ahnel : i got akademi fantaSIAL ticket u want anot? fast fast gimme your address la!

    piffles : not true story ler .... i made it up wan.

    hijackqueen : ya la this might actually work one u know?! lol! u want akademi fanataSIAL ticket anot?

    toxicle : u gimme your house address then i tell u real anot la lol!

    bryan : u wanna be nxt anot? faster email me your address la!

    anonymous : solilo! if you list out all the jokes u heard b4 and email to me then i try my best not to tell those jokes lar ok anot? but if i do that hor .. how much are you gonna pay me ar?

    13th panda : :P

    wuching : but she got 6 free tickets wor!

    mob1900 : why u dunwan watch??!!! akademi FantaSIAL very nice wan wor!!! lol!

  15. My sis types got slashed while eating out. Her house got broken into while they were changing types. Dem smart these thieves !!! Luckily, my sis stuff all her money in da mattress and not under the mattress la !! way to go sis !!!

  16. WAAAA.. Wingz tis Q you brought back from Thailand? Tai Lou, you veli the sai lei wor ! (hahaa...)

  17. wakakaka...I loe this goodman.

  18. Aiyoh I tot true story....but good idea


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