29 July 2006

Light and Easy Weekend - Sunshine Bay Resort PD

Photographs were taken last weekend in PD, we stayed in Sunshine Bay Resort for the first time.

Many tenkiu to my taikor Ahpek for introducing his frend who is also an agent to this place to us, we got 3 nice units of 2 bedroom apartment to ourself for RM170 each.

FYI, this is not a full service resort/hotel but rather it is kinda like those apartment style and please dont expect the kinda anmenities/services you would get from a hotel.

Room are air conditioned but the living room arent, some unit comes with microwave and some came with a gas stove, you can cook here if you want all you need to do is to bring your own food as all the other stuffs like cooking utensils, woks, ladle, forks, spoons, plates and bowls are provided with the apartment.

They even have BBQ pit, but its not free ... RM30 for the pit rental and you hafta bring your own charcoal and food of coz.

How do I rate this place? Definitely Good value for money!!

Below are some of the pics i took the other day, enjoy!

2 Monsters at play

Pic taken from the balcony

another pic from the balcony

the L shape swimming pool

I think thats the jetty of something lidat

Jetski very expensive! RM100 for 30 minutes!!!

Small Lagoon behind the roadside pub

Lil Devil all wrapped up

Lil Devil in the pool

Lil Monster attacking the pool

Some aunty on the beach with her kids (looks like 5xmom rite?)

Corus Paradise Hotel/apartment just next to us

Seaweed/grass being washed ashore .... u think bcoz of tsunami in Indonesia?

Lil Devil building sandcastle

roadside pub

Orange on the beach

someone leading Lil Devil to the sea

Art on the beach

Lil Deil enjoying the waves

2 monsters playing on the beach

a bunch of funny teens posing on the beach

little do they know their face will end up here lol!

Cute anot?

and sommo

and sommo

My brother and my oldman

Small monster and big monster


Dead coconut trunk



  1. Kakaka...Wingz not so anonymous nemore. That red shirt guy you issit?

  2. i heard that jetski being banned in ma lai sai nga oledi???

    u can earn xtra income there by take the seaweed dried it up and sell to jipunis restorant...hehe

  3. and where is my ohkau?

  4. I kill you! You just spoilt my image in front of how many thousands faithful readers of Rojakz. You wait for my lauyah letter ok?

  5. Anonymous10:28 am

    Haha. Voyeur. Taking picture of all the gir gir there. Tsk tsk.

  6. if i m those teens, i dunno happy or not see my pics here in rojaks.

  7. Anonymous11:52 am

    Big monster? Wuahahha...

    Hey, I stayed in the same resort when I went last Xmas. Have you tried the banana boat (not ice cream lah) or jet ski just in front of the resort? But I afriad if you sit on it, the whole boat will sink. LoL...

  8. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Wuahahaha..if Wingz swim in the sea sure tengelam wan.

  9. wuah! wingz so big size..i sked now!

  10. Hey, you got visit ah pek or not ah?

  11. Small monster and big monster pic very nice leh, is that you Wingz?
    Quality time you having with your family ... good wor!!

  12. Anonymous12:13 am

    Dear Wingz:

    Stop posting your vacation photos. I thought this was a comedy blog, it is now being ruined by your self-centeredness.

    If I wanted to see this slice of life kind of shit I'd visit Xia Zue's blog, not rojaks.


  13. How come your brother looks more hansem than you? Different father ah? LOL

  14. tiu say early mar, i got 1 empty apartment in PD....

  15. howsy : soli hehe ....thats not me ler

    ahnel : why jetski kena ban here? no wor

    ahpek : diu i wan yum seng with u but u fark me no free!!! your ohkau i kasi feed the fish liow lol

    5xmom : eh i said "looks like" oni worr!!! dun sue me!!!

    gbyeow : sshhh dun say so loud!!! later ppl hear!!

    sengkor : err ... but they are cute mahh lol!!!

    bryan : mch!! banana boat only meant for those without banana to ride!! man with balls ride jetski wan!!!

    foodcrazee : thanks

    ace : where got tengelam laaa... fats floats one laaa

    wuching : now only u know ka? kakakaaka

    inevitable : ahpek fark me no free la that day

    dreamie : no ler thats my frend ... my pic are not anywhere in this blog :)

    long fu mun/ low foo jee : eh u goan make your own blog then u go post watever fark u wanna post lar .... unless u paying me some kinda consideration every month or else pls stop telling me what i can post and what i cant post. if you so terror goan make your own joke post and crack funny jokes everyday lar no nid come here wan ok? u wanna go XX blog ka ZZ blog ka go lar! tell me for what fark? diu!

    cocka : i know lar .. u wanna say i not hansem mahh ... no nid go one big round one geh ... i think if i got misai then i sure i more hansem than u wan! kakakakaka!!!!

    typolation : diuu ... u also say ealier mah!!! eh since u got apt nx week i go again lar amajiam?

  16. thats what i heard as few years ago got jipunis girl being knocked dead at redang by ah beng claim that he know how to ride fei kei...

  17. Anonymous2:57 pm

    I'm planning a trip to PD next month also. Sunshine Resort looks nice. May I have their phone number? I wanna check still got place or not. May I?

  18. Enjoy yourself issit?? lol

    We've now seen little monster, father and brother. You??

    Or had we??? Come tell jie jie..

  19. I'm AntonyLim, I'm glad to found your site which is fantastic. I want to ask about the BBQ "tit mong" (in cantonese) is prepare by ourself or the sunshine bay resort provided to us? I need some advice of this resort. ^^ thank you


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