21 July 2006

Latest Spam Call : Rude Angmoh Asking You to Invest in Some Shares

1 minit ago I got a call from a angmoh to my handphone, He introduced himself ( I forgot what da fark is his name ledi) I think its Migel or Nigel or something calling from derno what what security firm Tel no. 03-23821478 (I dont thin they are even talking about Malaysia KLSE) and below is the conversation :

Angmoh : Hello I am bla bla bla, I m calling from what what security firm and I called you a couple months ago bla bla bla
Me : I am sorry, I m not interested .... I do not have any money to invest right now and I dont wanna waste your time either.
Angmoh : No no Listen, I am not asking you to run to the bank now ... just listen to me first! I will give you some leads and you just watch them for a couple of weeks and bla bla bla bla
Me : I am really sorry, I really do not wanna waste your time ... I do not have any money to invest right now. Actually I m in some kinda financial difficulties now.
Angmoh : *toot toot toot toot toot toot toot*

That Hamkalink hang up on me!!! WAT DA FARK!!! cibai rude angmoh!!! I tried to call back to get the name of the company but i called them like 20 times ledi the phone ring till it got cutted off ....

So if any of you get this kinda calls from angmoh asking you to invest ... ask them to farkoff!!! Prolly anoder scam to bruff fler malaysians!

Anoder community message brought to you by Rojaks Daily!



  1. makahai angmoh some more, kaninia say we are rude, but they are sometime farkin rude also, i say call the number back demand to know what company is that, fark them back kau kau ...

    and yeah have u seen those ang moh on the KLCC putra station giving out broshures for some seminars?

    those seminars which introduce you to another seminar teaching you how make 200 thousand per day wan ar ...

  2. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Of course, Ang Mohs can be rude. And of course, he was paid per call and per time. So the longer he talked to you, the more losses he has got. Doesnt excuse his rude behaviour. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Noted. tenkiu wingz.

  4. i wont hang up on him as i will ask which company he from and ask him out limteh then we both go whack that hamkahlink...agree...muahaha...

    just now 1.11pm got one west malaysia number call me duno its them boh...i halo they hang up...012 547 8xx8

  5. hmm..scam from phone ah. what also they can think of ah. angmoh or not angmoh also hafta becareful most of the time. too many scam out there.

  6. I'm so len poor, ang moh won't even bother. Thanks for letting us know.... lol

  7. do get dis type of calls too. when they start talking, i will go, "Huh? What u say? Huh? Say again. Huh? Plis repeat...."
    dat fler will hang up. kekeke!

  8. Anonymous1:31 pm

    It wasn't a rude angmoh lah, you kena pwned by Hitz fm. morning crew 'gotcha', I heard it on radio the other day. I can't believe u fell for it.

  9. I think that angmoh really boh su cho in M'sia la. Wanna do this job but no patience. Next time ask for Web site address...and ask him to give you his OFFICE number, not cell phone. Or if wanna play games with him, just say u wanna invest rm5 mil and give him your enemy's number for him to kacau.
    kau tim

  10. Nowadays, scammers come in many different size, shape and colours! Be smart! Best advise is "Don't be greedy!".


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