7 July 2006

Malaysian Male Losing Their Mojos?

I got this spam email today, I derno who da fark ask them to email me but they just did so I m gonna paste it here to let everyone knows about the service they offering.

Before that, I m blardee curious ler .... You younger generations dont "kau lui" anymore one har? now kena pakai "pimping" agency to do the job for you? They carging 1 month RM50 you know? if that is not pimping then its what lar?

This is the spam email i received in my gmail.

Malaysian Dating
the social network with a difference

At Malaysian Dating, we bring people together.
Truly a social network with a difference.

Now open to all singles within the Klang Valley!

· Meet new people through our social events
· Male members receive 4 new matches each month!
· Female members enjoy exclusive benefits!

How does it work?

Male members will be matched with 4 new female members each month. It will be up to you to get to know them better and take it from there. You will be assured that for these 4 matches you receive, only 2 other male members will have the same matches as you do.

This will ensure that our female members do not receive dozens of emails from our male members, improving on the overall quality and giving better attention to you.

Female members will be enjoying more privacy knowing that on any given month, only 3 male members will be granted access to contact you via email. Unlike many other dating services available, this will give you more peace of mind and not deal with massive amounts of emails and personal messages from male members.

As a female member, you will also have the option to browse through our male members database and pick the ones you want to know more about. Male members will not have this benefit. Only female members.

To take things one step further, we will even host social events for our members to get together and be able to meet and mingle with all other members. This will present our members a good opportunity to meet new people from various backgrounds and occupations without commitments and have a good time!

After all, there is so much more to life than just working and making ends meet. Join us today at Malaysian Dating. You never know who you will meet.

Membership Charges

For males
RM 50 monthly

For females
FREE (limited time only and subjected to availability)

To apply for membership, email us at hornymalaysianguys@gmail.com or wepromotedaterape@gmail.com today!

Don’t miss the love boat.

I feel really old suddenly, during my times we (the guys) used to go after those chun chicks ourself and the tackling and woo-ing is really the best part of the a relationship but nowadays you guys hire some 50 bucks a month hitch/pimp to do the job huh? Thats farking lame ok? What happened to your manhood ar? lost your balls izzit? kakakaka!!

Girls, unless your wildest sexual fantasy is to be date raped by some farking asshole, if not better stay away from this kinda fishy kinda club. They also not stupiak ... they giving away free membership to ladies, so the ladies here is kinda like a bait la ... luring all those perverts into the trap! Wuahahahaha!!!

If you guys really serious about looking for gf and you girls really serious about looking for bf hor then u all email me la! I arrange you all to come out yum char n eat dim sum on a sunday morning ... kinda like those "Seong Thai" (Traditional match making) u seen on a HK TVB series lidat. No nid pay membership fees one! totally FOC!


  1. Anonymous1:29 am

    Niaseng, I'm the 1st again !!!11oneone

    I got the same spam also. Guess it's time for us to go date some girls liao.

  2. Anonymous1:42 am

    wokeh, next time got "seong thai" I'm on. Set !!

  3. wei... fake one issit? "wepromotedayrape@gmail.com" sounds TOO dodgy for words.

  4. Damn it! This ad is farking sexist! Hahahaha!!!

    'Seong thai' ar? Count me in! Too bad I'm in Melbourne still... DAMN!

  5. i wan wan seong thailand... :P

  6. Anonymous9:45 am

    Hahaha!!! Damn farnie lah... Macam gigolo directory service but have to pay. Those sign up must be real desperados

  7. Wingz, you need any supply for your seong thai candidates ah ?
    Yeah, I still prefer the old fashion kau-ing way.
    Nowadays guys not so daring.. scared lose face.. scared kena huuuurrrrt.

  8. I got the same spam lah...

  9. bryan : mahai they know u farking despo and also a pervert la thats why they email u lol

    ace : mahai no girls sign up wor ... u want seng thai with mah lart lows anot? hahahaha

    piffles : that one i purposely change it one ... dunwan advertise for them lol

    ian: mch u in melb go kau angmoh la! angmoh nenku big big one leh!!!

    ah nel : mch seong thailang u kena ajak ahpek ... ahpek is VVIP kat thailand

    tenacious: ya ler this kinda serbis is actually targetted kat despo perverted guys one ler lol if those girls who signed up thinking they will be hunks in the group then oh god are they gonna be suprised! lol

    sming : u got supplies ka? want leh want leh!!! your stock china mali one izzit? lol

    inevitable : ya la they know u r lonely n horny too!! dats why they email lu!

  10. Come to 5xmom, free also. All you need is to help me click click only. For good karma mah. Male, ah kua, bapok, lesbo, sumua also I can help to find partners. Remember, free for all, gays, straights pun boleh.

  11. Anonymous1:57 pm

    Mahai, I suspect you sold my email address to them. Today I kena the same spam again.

  12. my fren say join MCA Cupid Club better. kahwin that time, they publish your love story in newspaper. fehmes lor

  13. Vietnam,Cambodia also got. But, from Thailand more. But never bao that they are borned female.. :P


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