7 July 2006

TSIM TUNG better than Kim Curry!!!

Someone told me Fatty Crab opened a new branch in Pandan indah, mana tau i go there round round also knot find ... MCH next time i meet 9 that farker he will die ugly!!!

Anyway outta hunger and desperation for food, we decided check out this fancy restaurant we found during out lookout for Fatty Crab. It first caught our attention bcoz its really well lighted and from the outside it looked very cosy and relaxing and cool lidat.

TSIM TUNG cafe & restaurant Pandan Indah

Frendly staffs, extensive menu and reasonably priced too!

Great ambiance and low noise pollution

Kick ass menu with hundreds of varieties to choose from.


We ordered :

  • 2 Butter Polo Buns (RM1.80 each)
  • 1 pork ribs lice (RM9.80)
  • 1 yin-yang beef baked lice (RM13.80)
  • 1 deep fried taufupop & pishcake (RM6.80)
  • 1 olen jus (derno how much)
  • 1 HK Teh Tarik (RM2.00)

*price above estimation only hor, dun fark me if not accurate can?!!!

The bill comes to RM45 bucks (I think ... i m not the one whois paying lol!) food is very the tasty ... really can feel the food "got heart" wan. Service also very good, it dint take long for the food to arrive. Oh i also saw this "free WiFi" sign, toilet also clean!

All in all very the good leh!!! Will defenitely go again! If you in the neighbourhood kena goan try lar!



  1. i bet bryan oledi.....
    BTW where the index wingz?
    give our own comment ar?

  2. Anonymous2:57 am

    mahai, now I'm 2nd !!!11oneone

  3. no pikchar of pood eh?

  4. Anonymous9:10 am

    oi, too much lice no good for you ok.

  5. mkh.. i in pandan indah werking u nehbah pay me visit meh? mch mch mch.!!!!!

    ei, the Fatty Crab chap lan jor lor...

  6. Niasing, no map how to go?

  7. pisang : u n bryan got jalan one izzit?

    bryan : u n pisang got jalan one izzit?

    ah nel : mahai too busy eating ler .. mana got time to take piktures leh kakakaka

    ahpek : diu lar .. we cina ahpek if not eat lice then takan eat spaghetti kot?

    frostier : mch how da fark i know u werking in pantat indah laaa ... u mean there really is a fatty crab in pantat indah but they chap 9 jor lap?? diuu!!!! haipot la!

    inevitable : i purposely dunwan put map one ... anyone wanna go pls lemme know ok? i will bring u there and then u kena blanja me makan lol!

  8. OK, jek, I go try soon. Pandan Indah near Jusco there, rite? (my sis stayed there before)

    Talk about Kim Curry, that's the most over-rated place. So many sohais Q for food here in Penang. Chisin, I went once and never want to go again.

  9. 5xmom : no no near jusco is maluri nx to it is pantat jaya .... pantat indah kena cross the highway wan wor!

  10. Anonymous2:14 pm

    pantat indah near where ar? wat jalan ar? yesterday we kena luk luk next wan where ar?

  11. ya.. Kim Gary sucks!

    been there many times, too bad they don't have Wi-Fi. a lot of cafes now have Wi-Fi.

    Steven's Corner in Pandan Indah also much better than Pelita!

  12. Anonymous10:37 pm

    For 2 person ah? Eat aledi become the Tsing become 'xin'. Heart pain oh. This sort of hongkie style restaurant are overrated. Got so many others which are better. Eat Kim Gary once straight straight boycott.

  13. Anonymous10:00 am


  14. mch wingz, now u know lor
    but too bad u go kai kai liao
    bring back some coral reef la.


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